Roll Call: Canadian NLU Fans & Golfers


Delacour is interesting design. AMAZING large and fast greens, and always top notch shape cause they hold the qualifier for the mackenzie tour stop at country hills. When the winds blow that course gets really tough. Lot of fun holes. I play it for $40 with my VIP card. Best deal around.

Wintergreen i can do without… just on a big swamp with forest lined fairways. Much rather play Redwood Meadows down the street.


Ya I agree Redwood is much better than wintergreen I don’t think I’ve played it outside of tournaments and doubt I would but its enjoyable enough


Hey guys,

Nice to see a good group of Canadian people on the board already.

I was in Toronto the last 6 years and a member at Scarboro Golf Club - easily one of the best tracks within the downtown area. Guest fees aren’t cheap unfortunately, but the greens are worth the price of admission. I relocated out of the city to Owen Sound last year to for work and am now a member at Cobble Beach; it’s a bit overpriced at peak times - but nothing out of the ~$125 range you guys in the GTA will be used to. Well worth the drive if anyone wants to make the 2.5hr drive from the GTA.

I’ve just booked a boys trip to Bandon Dunes in April, which is making the misery of winter a lot more bearable; but it’s still going to be a slog getting through february and march.


Hey All,

Checking in from Winnipeg. Grinding through the coldest winter in recent memory (and there have been some bad ones!). NLU / Fried Egg / On the Mark pods only thing keeping me sane this year. The forum is a great idea… keep up the great work NLU crew!


Another Canadian- Vancouver based. I’m a good Canadian…play leftie!


ya nice mountain style holes… pretty views… beautiful course and clubhouse… but the golf and soggy course always leaves something to be desired.


Unreal. Would love to know the logistics of your trip to Bandon and how you’re making it happen given how remote it is. I’ve taken a look a couple times and the travel piece seemed pretty painful no matter how you played it.


Came together pretty organically actually. Me and my core golf friends from university are all turning 30 this year and I suggested a big golf trip to commemorate it. Two of us are leaving from Toronto, 1 from NYC and the 4th is flying in from Houston.

The two of us in Toronto are flying to Eugene and making the 2.5hr drive on a Friday in April with a rental car, and will have time for the range and putting Friday after arriving in Bandon. It’s honestly not that bad on paper getting there. Not as easy as flying to Florida obviously, but more straightforward than Scotland golf for sure.

We’re booked in to play 36 each day for 3 days, and then possibly 18 on the travel day home, flying on the redeye Tuesday night. 2 rounds at Bandon Dunes and Pacific, 1 round each at Old Macdonald and Trails

Flight was only $350, and I have budgeted $2200 CAD (after Fx) per person to cover golf, food, car, accommodations onsite and some Bandon memorabilia. Not cheap, but it’s not something you do every year.

I started the booking process back in November, and would highly suggest planning it at least 6-months in advance as the onsite rooms book up incredibly far in advance. As well, would not suggest staying in an AirBnb because you lose out on preferential tee-times if you stay off the course.

Should be an interesting few days, fingers crossed for reasonable weather.


Another Canuck here from Victoria but living in Calgary because I like only having 6 months a year to play… I’m a member at Inglewood if any YYC people want to play this year.


I play there a few times every year. Reminds me classic courses from Midwest and southern Ontario.


Yeah its ok I was at The Elks or “The Winston” for the last 4 years but I wasn’t about to spend the 12k initiation for semi private now that I’m past intermediate age. membership prices in Calgary are still surprisingly high despite economic situation of the last few years.


Ya I looked into a few and prices too high for amount of time to play. I play VIP and love the variety.


Nice user name, VGC is an absolute treat I was a member there for two years and mis it dearly


Love VGC not my favorite in Victoria but it is fun to play a few times a year. It’s exciting that the Mid-Am is there this year, I was lucky enough to play the Canadian Am when it was at Colwood and Gorge so getting to play the AV Macan trifecta in national championships will be quite fun. I’m looking forward to hearing what @thefriedegg and @RaynorMan have to say about Cal Club when they debrief this trip on a podcast hopefully as its one Macan i’m looking to knock off the list this year.


Been twice now and it’s just the best. If you aren’t playing the Friday you arrive, make sure to play Shorty’s. It’s the par 3 course at the range and is a lot of fun especially for gambling (and free). Make sure to buy all your booze on the drive down. Let me know if you have any questions (although I’m sure you’ve done tons of reasearch as everyone does while waiting to go to Bandon). Located in Calgary btw.


Appreciate the heads up on Shorty’s, we will definitely do that on the Friday now. I do have a couple questions actually;

  • Do the rooms have a mini fridge?
  • Did you go into the town of Bandon for dinner at all? The dinner prices onsite look pretty exorbitant.
  • Did anyone use a caddie in your group? Seems like something worth trying, but not fully necessary.



We stayed in the Lily Pond rooms both times and they had mini fridges, so we just loaded them up with beer and they don’t seem to care if you load your bag up. The first time I went, we went through town because we were playing at Bandon Crossings (solid track as well) but didnt eat there. Typically we ate breakfast at whatever course we were playing that morning and then dinner at McKee’s and didn’t find it too expensive (and I’m pretty frugal). Going into town is a pain especially after walking 36; you will want to go to the closest available restaurant. Never did take a caddie, but I certainly see the value in it. I dont think it is necessary but know that some people swear by it (probably people with more disposable $$ than me).


Looks like I’m the first East Coaster and Newfoundlander to check in! Just patiently waiting for April…hopefully anyway…to play again


Sorry for the delay in replying here. Really appreciate this detail and going to save the post to try and replicate when I can. One confirmation: you must be connecting into Eugene as I don’t see any direct flights from Toronto?


Yes, connecting in san francisco. Flight leaves Toronto at 7:40am, quick layover in SF and into Eugene at 12:38 (PST). Between 8hrs of total travel time.