Roll Call: Bay Area Golfers

Wife & I are headed out Friday morning for 9 days in Monterey. Any other off the beaten path restaurants or cafes outside what is found in typical google/yelp searches?

You guys gotta stop in for a post dinner drink at the Crown and Anchor.

Fyi I’ve never eaten there, just gotten hammered


Go get lunch at Bruno’s in Carmel. I stand by them having the best tacos or burritos in the area. It’s only on weekdays and you never know which it’ll be. They have some Hispanic employees that set up a plancha in the front corner of the store and crank out deliciousness

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Thanks for the ideas, we’ll give those a shot!

Have a few spots at Pasatiempo next Wednesday (8/3) afternoon at a discounted rate of $200 walking, if anyone wants to join me.

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what time!?

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What time!?!?

I’m teeing it at 10:20 on 8/3. Hope to see you guys out there.



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Unfortunately can’t make it, but have a great round!

Hi All,

I am a member of the LowCal RACDG Roost down in LA. I will be coming up to SF for a couple of days to just hang and play golf next week.

As of right now, i have an 8 am tee time at Harding on Monday Aug 7 and a 140pm tee time at sharp park the same day. I arrive on sunday morning and leave tuesday eve. Would love if someone for the NorCal RACDG wanted to meet up and play either monday or tuesday or if we could find a game sunday afternoon.

Let me know.

EDIT: I am willing to change up my tee times to make a meet up happen, i definitley want to play 36 on monday. Im staying with a buddy in the city, he and i are looking for a time to play sunday afternoon, but looks like presidio is all booked up.


Let’s gooooo! Are you in?

Wish I could join - I had a customer push their meeting with me back til tomorrow at noon down here though so I won’t be able to make it. Enjoy!

Hi all –

I’m new here in the Refuge. Mostly play around Oakland and Berkeley. Playing Eagle Vines with some buddies this weekend. Haven’t been there for about 5 years. If there’s interest, I can share a pic or two and give a conditions report.


Welcome. Yeah I haven’t been up there in years. I usually play Chardonnay out that way. Would love a report.

Welcome! A bunch of us in the Oakland area. @Kornwhalice plays up there a good bit but I think he usually prefers Chardonnay.

I do! I do want to hear what you think of Eagle vines though


Any intel on Sequoyah Country Club? Are there any members in our group? I just moved into that neighborhood I would like to check it out.

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Don’t think there are members here but I have a good friend who is. DM me if you want and I can see if he can chat with you about it.

@MediumRandy might be good to chat with about the process too.