Roll Call: Bay Area Golfers



Yea it felt steep.

That’s preposterous. I retract my earlier suggestion. It ain’t THAT good.

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I was just checking rates for September at Gamble Sands…$175… Just saying.

Playing there in two weeks, very excited! Hitting up chambers and gold mountain as well…


Hey anyone going down to Soule for the Socal Roost event. I am 90% going as of right now. Only thing stopping me is the unknown. Plan on stopping off in Monterey on the way on too on Friday, then shananigans in Ojai/Santa Barbara Saturday.

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I’d love to play in Monterey on that friday

Groovy! Will message with plans. But I will say they hopefully include looping the Hay twice Thursday afternoon. Will be leaving from San Francisco before traffic holds things up.

Some folks say if you are gonna go all the way to Ojai, it’s only a short drive to Moorpark to play Rustic Canyon …

Definitely worth the extra hour drive!

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The answer is a hard yes…

So I have an iron in the fire in the Santa Barbara area for Saturday… Its a long shot for sure… but its my second time reaching out to them in the hopes of playing there. Not begging any fugees; Head Pro… you never know though. Its on my Mackenzie list to say the least…

Rustic is just so choice though for sure. I had the pleasure of nerding out on the Superintendant when I played in November. Place is an amazing ballpark. I was bummed when I couldn’t do 36 there because of the train schedules.

Going to see how my body holds up from the Friday marathon. Looking to play 36 in Monterey.


Got a 10:13AM four-ball at Corica South this Sunday if anybody wants to play. Three open spots.

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Shit I wish. Stupid wife on a girls weekend leaving me with the kids

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Also have one spot available at Tilden Park Saturday AM at 7:50 if anyone wants to join me and the cap’n.

Can’t wait!

Looking for a recommendation for a pro who specializes on the short game. Preferably on the Peninsula or SF.

Anyone interested in playing Northwood on June 20? I have the day off and feel like getting vibey.

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Using an EAL’ism should be enough to get you banned from this thread and/or the RACDG


That is in no way, shape or form an EAL term, or at least not one exclusive to him.

That said, All Are Welcome.



One spit still open for next Tuesday twilight round at gleneagles.

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