Roll Call: Atlanta


Awesome. I’m down.

And thanks for trying to organize something like this. Feel like there are a lot of guys that would be interested, but no one wants to be the guy to get it together.


I’m in and I can get a group of guys that would want to play if need be. Governors works for me, I’m from Acworth and have never played there. We just left our membership at Brookstone so I don’t have another course to offer in the area, but if you’d want to make the drive my brother can get a small group of us on the UGA golf course for free.

Thanks for taking the initiative this would be great!


Anyone know how the new Bobby Jones is handling all this rain? The old course would be a lake by this point.


Seconded. Would love any and all reports on Bobby Jones.


It was pretty much under water from some videos I saw.


Sorry i just realized i never put an actual day on this. I was looking at February the 17th. So it looks like there is some interest in this. I told yall i’d try and get back by new years so here’s my plan. I’m going to create a sign up sheet and link it to this post and see how many people we can get by February 1st. Then cut it off there. I’ll post again later today with more info.


Count me in as well.


Yo @ButterKnifeSavant, what happened to you man? Looking forward to that signup for a game.


Do we still want to make something happen for the 17th even if it isn’t at Governors Towne Club?


@matg @NoLayovers It’ll still fill up pretty quick and Ptree creek floods easily but it is draining way faster. They have usually had course back open 1-1.5 days after any big rains or frost has come through this winter. Driving range is on the high ground and always money


Yeah, for sure. I can take the lead in organizing, unless someone else prefers to do it?


If anyone is interested in joining an email thread for an ongoing Sunday game, shoot me a DM with your email.


Im a Golf Pro in the area. Originally from Louisiana, but left due to golf being dead in Louisiana. Atlanta has some truly great options in all directions. Living in Kennesaw but play all over. Goal for 2019 is to get from behind the counter and play more golf.