Roll Call: Atlanta - TPC Sign Up Link in Discord Announcements Channel

Here ya go

If you are unable to make the Stankonia Classic, but would still like the tee gift (I promise it’s not a laundry bag) DM me ASAP and I will order an extra for you. Cost if $30. I’m pretty stoked about them FWIW

Yes yes boys. Nice to meet you all. Golfing geezer from London living in ATL, looking to meet fellow bombers to help improve my golf game, and get out there more with the golfing lads.


Welcome to the brotherhood, nice to meet you today. Always people in here ready to play and enjoy some banter.

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Yes Jan, it was a pleasure mate.
Do I have to pledge to get in the brotherhood? Haha

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Match play and quota games going down 3/13 at cobblestone. We have 4 spots open at 9:20 if anyone wants to join let me know.


i’m in if spots are open Quinn

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Yessir. 1 Spot left


Dropping this…

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Hey mate, will sign up today. I can’t see where I add my name to spread sheet anymore? And what’s your Venmo?

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apmiller92 is the venmo. Last four are 6769.

I put your name down in row 41 as a palceholder.

Payment sent mate.
Thanks for joining me. What time do I need to get down there etc?
All info on the spread sheet ?

We will get out an update soon with tee times and details for the day. Stay tuned.

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Thanks Quinn. It’s nice to meet you

For anyone attending this weekend.


Looking forward to Sat everyone, but with a small look to the future… We are going to be hosting our second Major at UGA June 18th. Converting the interest list into sign ups now. If you want to sign up either add your name and GHIN or just GHIN if you already expressed interest. Hoping to keep costs around $100.


I just realized that Atlanta is only a 2-hour drive from Sweetens. Anyone from the ATL want to join our 8-some at Sweetens on April 6? We have all day passes. You can even join us in The Birdhouse the night before if you’d like!

Might even have a spot open on April 5 if you are interested in back-to-back days, waiting to hear back from someone else on the Refuge.

I could be interested in a spot on April 6th.

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I’d also be interested in 4/6

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