Roll Call: Atlanta - Oct Quota & West Pines

Not yet. I’m signed up for Friday too so hopefully they tell me tomorrow.

Signed up every day, no dice so far.

My buddy is playing tomorrow. He just got an email today and had till noon to confirm so keep checking. I signed up for a single slot Sunday because I thought it would be easier to sneak in a single.

Good luck!

Played Atlanta National today. Why dont more people talk about this course? Very fair/fun Dye course that I didn’t even know existed in Milton.

I was there for a wedding rehearsal dinner and I spent a solid 2 hours with the groom and his dad putting on the practice greens. Never played it but it looked really interesting. Is this a club corp course?

It is club corp, which surprises me.

Does anyone know if Bobby J is offering normal tee times right now either before or after the lottery each day?

Only public range I can think of in the perimeter is Charlie Yates. IMO a great range, correct me if I’m wrong, it is kept up by East Lake.

That being said I am really happy Bobby Jones is opening back up. I work off Northside, and I plan on taking lunch breaks over there to hit a few. On occasion I was driving over to Charlie Yates which amounted to a 2 hour trip. It scratched the itch but wasn’t sustainable.

My group used to frequent the course right up until it closed. They had started to let it go but the layout was the most fun we had on a golf course. Also the most dangerous rounds we’ve ever played.

Looking forward to playing the new track, but the layout and the cost of the old will be dearly missed. I hope they offer some sort of affordable membership plans.

Love RC im always down for some wolf hammer

Anyone played Dunwoody CC? Getting hitched next week and wanted to go play with a few of my groomsmen. Is it worth $160?

DCC is my home course… so obviously I am a little biased, but I would say yes. It has 17 of the best holes in the city (#5, is probably the worst golf hole I have ever seen). The first 7 holes are a little short and tight, and starting with #8, the whole course really starts to come together. The back nine at DCC is worth the price of admission I think alone…

They had a redesign in 2013 that put in Champions and redid much of the course. Some characteristics of the course: there is only one par four where you can see the green from the tee (number 13 is the exception). The par 5s are all varying degrees of getable (I usually have 4-5 iron into #18, and have to nut a drive and a three wood to get on #4). Par threes are on the longer side, but fair. Condition wise, I haven’t gotten out in a couple weeks bc of travel and weather, but it was absolutely pure all throughout the fall. Let me know if you have any other specific questions


Thanks for the feedback man! I used to be a member at Pinetree CC were Bill Bergin did a redesign as well,I heard he flattened the greens out quite a bit when he did the redesign at DCC is that true? I’m supposed to be going out there Friday AM (weather permitting).

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Did you receive an email when you registered or only if you’re selected?

About the greens - yes, they were flattened quite a bit, but they were making the transition between bent to champions, and the greens would be legit unputtable if they kept the same slopes. The bent greens had huge tiers on almost every green, with some having 3 and 4 distinct, large slopes. They kept the same character in much of the greens, but opted for more gradual sloping that plays much better with the bermuda grass. Trust me- there has yet to be a moment where i wished the greens were more sloped than they are now - it is still a test, and if the pin is anywhere but front on #8, you’ll be cursing them as well :wink:

You’ll have to let us know how you like it! (hope it’s dried out by Friday)

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I just joined the site but have been a fan of the podcast for about a year. I’ve lived here in Smyrna for about 16 years after growing up in Milwaukee and going to school in Madison. I’ve played all over the metro area but these days I consider Wolf Creek my “home” course. If you’re willing to put up with my 17 handicap, I’m up for playing a game as my golf buddies all have young kids and it’s tough to get them out.


anyone got out on Bobby Jones yet? I’ve submitted for the ballot three times and haven’t got one of them. curious to hear how it was. hoping to get out there at some point before it becomes too cold.

I had a tee time for yesterday but they closed the course because of weather. Going to try again on Wednesday.

I was lucky enough to get a call the morning of last Saturday’s shotgun. I didn’t play the old course, but this one is pretty damn fun.

Good mix of holes in both directions, with each nine having a long par 5, short par 5, drivable par 4’s, and par 3’s that can be longer or shorter. Definitely a lot of width and angles.

Course will take some getting used to. Since there were two pins at each green, there was some moments where it was tough to tell which green you were going to. And number 9 (par 5 back to the clubhouse) is a little goofy, as you don’t really have a shot at the green in two due to trees in front of the green.

Overall, a fun experience, great conditions, and impeccable fast and firm greens.

Range is great too. They have mats now, which is understandable, but the grass looks nice. Only two options for buckets, a $5/20 balls and $15/70 balls. Unfortunately, I asked about a value card (say, but ten buckets up front for $120) and the staff was clear they aren’t planning on it. Guess that’s the price to pay for convenience.

Edit: I also got a lesson with Jason Kuiper, the pro at BJGC. Helped me make some grip adjustments that have paid quick dividends. He’s got an app that he uploads pictures, videos, and notes to during the lesson that makes everything easy to refer back to if something goes wrong. Would recommend going to see him if you need help.


Atlanta Monthly Game:

So this is something I’ve been trying to do for a while now but haven’t been able to time well. Since there seems to be a relatively large number of us around the Atlanta area who frequent the NLU blog, I’ve wanted to try and organize a monthly or bi-monthly cash game among us ATL guys. There’s so many great courses around the city its always been a shame to me to be relegated to the Saturday cash game at my local club.

My idea is to have a group of 8-16 guys play a different format cash game every other month at different courses around the area. I figure if we could get a decent group to throw $20-$50 we could pay out a net winner and a gross winner (or whatever the that months format best supports). For the sake of planning I was looking at trying to organize a game on Sunday, February 2019 at my home club Governor’s Towne Club if there is enough participation. I’ll probably wait and pick a format once I can gauge interest. If anyone is willing to give this a shot just comment on this post or shoot me a direct message with your email address and ill get back with you.

Also if anyone is a member at another club around the area and willing to host a group of guys that would really get this rolling. Just message me with your home course, a date you would be willing to host and a number of guys your willing to host and I’ll try my best to make it happen.Ideally if this receives enough participation I’d like to create an sign-up calendar with dates, courses, estimated prices and formats that I could shoot out to people several months in advance.

My hope is that this is a way for guys who love golf to meet new friends, have some fun and see some courses that we might otherwise not have access to.

Again, if your interested just comment on this post or direct message me with your email. My plan is to give people until Jan 1. to contact me and then post more details the first week of January!

Cheers guys!


YES! So in on this. I’m down to play anytime.

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