Roll Call: Atlanta - Oct Quota & West Pines

I’m excited for this as well. I don’t have much recall of the old Bobby Jones, if I ever played it at all it was only once or twice, despite living just down the road in midtown for years. Didn’t seem great. @Tron, you have experience with it or know anyone involved with the remodel?

The old course was a fun layout and I heard it used to be in nice shape. When I played it recently it was apparent it hasn’t been maintained and was in some of the worst shape of all the golf courses I’ve played in the metro area, but they got away with still charging $60 because of the location. They also crammed in as many t times as possible so pace of play was a problem and a balls would come flying onto your fairway two or three times per hole.

The 9 hole layout will help with the last issue and I’m really excited to see what a reversible course has to offer. In the little research I did, Bob Cupp was responsible for the redesign and looking at his resume hes made some pretty awesome courses around Georgia. Having a driving range inside the perimeter will be awesome too and Cupp was responsible for UGA’s practice facility so I have high expectations there. Also home to the mens and womens Georgia State golf teams so hopefully it stays in good shape. At the very least its another local muni to play when you dont have time to drive 40 minutes outside the perimeter. Really looking forward to playing it next month.

I reached out to them to hopefully get wined and dined. I’ll let you know if I need those emails when it comes to that. Appreciate the offer!

Rivermont is good. Lots of low handicap guys out there, very busy so its competitive for tee times as far as I know. Rivermont is still doing their eco-friendly maintenance I think so the conditions can be variable. Pinetree is a fun course, fantastic greens, good deal for younger members. You can’t go wrong with those two. I would join the place that you can afford that’s closest to you.

I heard Pinetree was waiving initiation fees last year… Where do you live? That commute from Midtown or really most anywhere inside the perimeter is still bad

I live in buckhead but I’m from Kennesaw. I find myself driving up to 45 minutes outside the perimeter anyway every weekend to play golf unless I’m playing Chastain. I’m not sure about the initiation fees but the 3 courses I mentioned before all had really great under 30 memberships around 200 a month.

Pumped for the new Bobby Jones. The ability to have a great public practice facility in town, close to where I assume most of us work (Buckhead or Midtown) is fantastic for weekday golf. Looking forward to having an course that is actually close to home where I can go after work and hit a bucket, take a quick loop, and grab a beer with one of my friends. All in one place. No more Northcrest range up I-85.

The 9 holes look great…walkable, variety of lengths, double greens. But, I think I will still prefer 18 hole tracks on weekends.


BJGC is doing a lottery for daily shotgun starts the first week, which I’m guessing will allow for people to play both directions. Curious if they’ll have two sets of flags up.

I live in the neighborhood and I’ve walked it a few times in both directions. The approaches over the creek are going to be tight, but man is there width and angles on a few of the holes. One of the things I appreciated was the placement of bunkers, and how they are seen playing one direction, and hidden playing the opposite direction.

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Just played up at Indian Hills CC on Tuesday while in town for work. Played the Seminole and Choctaw nines. I guess there was some recent work done on certain nines and the new greens and bunkers were excellent. Had the best putting round of my year making almost everything inside 20 feet.

Place was bumping for a Tuesday afternoon.

Hoping to get up there with the drone this fall/winter and play after it opens. Been exchanging emails with the mgmt company there. Even beyond the course, the range is much needed. Really the only public range inside the perimeter. I’m psyched, and blown away that they were able to pull this off. Will report back.


Lottery for shotgun starts the first week

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We need to get a NLU day up there. Tron, you got us covered?


Also- I kind of wrote off this thread because I didn’t see much action for a while. Still up for a wolf hammer NLU meet up at St Ives or River Club…or Bobby, obviously


This absolutely needs to happen. I’m game whenever yall are!

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Count me in for Wolf Hammer

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The only public range I can think of is Northcrest, not far from where I grew up. That may actually be just outside the perimeter, but anyway your larger point stands. BJGC will likely do big business simply by being one of the few public options in town.

Fellow Refugees entering the lottery, please do me a solid and don’t sign up for that Sunday AM slot. Thanks. I’m on a big 0-fer on lotteries this year as-is - Masters, Augusta National Women’s Amateur, Mega Millions…

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Does Top Golf count as a range? :man_shrugging:t2:

Yea, Charlie Yates is the only real option for a range near the downtown area and ITP. Bobby Jones will make good money just on their range alone. Good luck with the Sunday lottery selection! Curious to see how it plays the first few weeks with brand new grass…probably going to be very firm on the new Bermuda

yeah, they’ll have 2 flags up the first couple weeks as operate with a shotgun start.

Anyone win the Bobby Jones lottery this week?