Roll Call: Atlanta - BJGC consultancy thread

Haha last time i played it the rough was grown out like 3-4 inches. it was impossible and i can swing it pretty fast. i don’t know how these tour pros play out of shit like that

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We trying to get involved and influence the Strapped City fundraiser? Feel like we have solid numbers to make that happen.

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I’m highly amused to see the ways courses are keeping pins in

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On cue:



I actually think this is pretty cool, until you flag a shot, it hits the handle and goes off the green. so for that that once in a blue moon moment, im out.


I think it’s a pretty solid innovation. Hands going into cups is the hardest touchpoint to contain on a golf course and thats pretty creative.

Somewhat related - I’ve had an idea for an attachment to flagsticks that is a communal divot tool. Especially at public courses people don’t fix their pitch marks and probably often because they don’t have a tool. So have a little a tool that clips onto the flag that hopefully reminds people to do it more.

Would never work. First, people wouldn’t use it. Second, somebody would steal it.

I do actually think it’s a very inventive idea. Just seemed an opportune time to drop a Cubanism

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Seems like I have good supply of business then with additional orders. Next question.


Okay, this pisses me off. They didn’t give credit to Cobblestone at all. They tagged another barstool guy who put their handle in his tweet at the end.

edit: if you want to share it, just retweet the cobblestone tweet.


Typical Barstool, not suprising

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The Fields Golf Course

Hope everyone is safe and well. Finally had a chance to visit The Fields. Met Ashley (he’s the owner) and spent a while talking about the history of the course, work being done on the range and more.

For those that haven’t yet played - things I enjoyed:

  • Really good bones
  • Fun routing and challenging shots
  • Stone walls, lots of them (you’ll see)
  • Most important, they were glad to have you

Would absolutely go back and play again. @tombudsman thanks for the help.


Did you tell them you’ll be back in August?


I did not - that was my “big miss”… ugh

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Question for you guys. Suppose somebody got their putter adjusted more upright, and overdid it. Not this person (hypothetical of course) needs to get it bent back a little more flat- from 73* to say 71*- during the shutdown. Anybody know a place on the northside (preferably northwest) where this might be possible? Suggestions?

A hypothetical person in a specific place…