Roll Call: Atlanta - BJGC consultancy thread

I live a mile from the buckhead location.


Same. Convenience factor would make paying a premium worthwhile.

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You can scooter there on your bird scooters.

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How woke am I going to look? Might have to wax my mustache.


You gotta ride one of these things if you want to pull the look off



Honestly, this community and the informal and formal NLU outings are a pretty damn good version of that type of club.

Definitely more community-driven and a Strapped vibe, but great options to get out of the normal routine.

The Pinehurst and Scotland NLU trips are ones that I’m sad that I didn’t pull the trigger on and make work.

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I have a hard time seeing this appeal to anyone that’s already a member of those clubs. Peachtree and CCC are right up the road from Buckhead and Cherokee is less than a mile down the street. The ‘place to hangout’ angle wouldn’t really work for that demographic. A regular indoor golf facility angle maybe, but I could see clubs finding a way to incorporate this in their current offering.

My hunch is their targeting millennials like myself who don’t quite have the resources to join a CCC or Ansley, but want a place to practice, socialize, host friends, etc until they can join a country club. It’s an interesting take on the simulated golf experience and if I stilled lived in Buckhead I would probably bite assuming the fees are reasonable.

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New to the forum and relatively new to golf in the Atlanta area. Really cool to see such an active golf community here. Will hopefully see some of you on the course soon!


Welcome @Golf2kyle and what looks to be one of the goodest of boys!

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Won’t work in ATL.

just like they don’t work in Orlando.

Opportunity cost for the patrons is too high. Year round golf. And other activities will make it struggle.

Ask the question: is it sustainable if no one pays and uses the bays? Likely not.

If it’s sustainable even if no one uses the bays then there is probably some aspect of it that will make people wanting to hit on the bays not go.

Yes let’s play ! Where is home? Like address and last 4 digits of your social.


@gatorz7888 ha! Marietta is home, just off the square.


Just to dissect this - is your question,“if the members only pay their dues, show up, and spend no money on the food and drink portion of the club, is it sustainable?”

and your second statement is basically “if the the golf portion isn’t the attraction, then how / why are they trying to attract a golf market?”

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This is exactly right. I met with them last week - 14 indoor simulators, bar area, shower and steam room. Design and food/bev done by the same folks at Local 3 and Warhorse, so pretty credible stuff there.

It’s gonna be filled with ACC/Georgia Club/PDC younger members who wanna hit balls and drink liquor at lunch and know their boss won’t show up

I’d be considered a junior member at 24, and they wanted a good bit more than I had estimated

Apparently they’ve got a ton of commitments already (of course!) and they’re already thinking of a second location at colony square (seems likely!)

I saw that…

So we should go forward with the Wolf Creek purchase. Bring in an up and coming architect for a tune up, crowd source some brush removal, maybe some small clubhouse improvements (steam room and ice baths), then profit.


Sorry hard to use words the right way sometimes.

The golf has to sustain it otherwise it wont work. I doubt ther will be enough golf interest in ATL because there are just too many other things to do, too may other options. No one HAS to go inside to hit balls. We can play outside 12 months a year. There are sports teams, Great restaurants in the area, shows, etc. Opportunity costs.

These things work in Minnesota in the winter when there is nothing else to do.

If the $ for the golf alone doesnt sustain it, merch, food, etc will never be enough to keep it afloat.

If you do anything to the vibe to make it: better food, better atmosphere, better whatever, where the golf part is not important…that culture usually wont vibe with the patron that DOES want the golf…so then whats the point of having golf…its just a bar (a la top golf)

There are a couple of these places in Orlando around i-drive. Whenever im down there I go late at night becasue its unique to me…Im the only one in there using the bays…Basically has become a Taco Mac with massive TVs everywhere and golf is relegated to the background because thats what they have to do to stay in business. good for them, bad for the “golfer”…just make a taco mac. I wouldnt ever go there other than to get drunk and play betting games…not serious practice.

This place had a pay as you play / by the hour model

if you do a membership models you coudl rrrrreeeaaaallly struggle to make sure that bays are always available at the exact peak times when most members will want to use them. and that limits the memberships you are able to hold…limiting your money.

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Yeah, lower the driving range tee boxes (freaking cliff). Major vegetation clearing.

Gut the clubhouse…I want floor to ceiling louvered glass doors that open out the back to the #1 tee box.

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There’s this shitty country club in my hometown (Green Meadow Country Club - Alcoa, TN)… that I often fantasize about buying and blowing the place up. Would bring in King Collins and would let them go ape shit. Would tear down the existing clubhouse and build a simple shack/bar with an outdoor seating area with a fire pit and TVs. There would be a membership component, but would be open to the public. I’ve thought a LOT about this. Just need the money and the club to go up for sale.

@gatorz7888 opening the doors like

(I am so angry I can’t find a clean gif of this… care to help @djpie?)

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Dont get me wrong, It appears they are going the “community, unique brand” slant, which can work I guess for a time amongst younr professionals with disposible income.

I see it becoming like Painted pin…There is bowling, but that’s not why you go…In which case for golf…I wouldn’t ever go.

Flip side I do really want a place like this to go for golf and would love it…leave the bar scene out of it. Double the bays.