Roll Call: Atlanta - BJGC consultancy thread

Wolf Creek isn’t a terrible piece of property to work with. But doesn’t have a strong golf market in the neighborhood

I love wolf creek. But yes. Nothing around to draw in players. Course is good but most don’t know to go out of the way for it.

Also 2020 goal. Wolf creek would make a great wolfhammer course.

btw, they have the property listed at 2.5M for wolf creek

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I actually don’t think you need to do a lot to it.

A toooooon of brush clearing but I think it’s a cool layout.

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@Ross and @rmattgolden person I was coordinating with for tomorrow dragged their feet. Missed the tee time on GolfNow. Will have to join in on the next one!

Does BJ have walking rates?

You asking if Bobby has walking rates? Small typo and I’m not sure if that impacts the question.

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Yes Bobby Jones walking rateS?

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there is an unlisted twilight rate. usually after whatever the last posted tee time is, it’s $20 to walk. summer months it’s like starting at 6:15 ish. But there is no $15 cart fee that they discount from a round if you choose to walk.

But but I thought they were progressive and fun.

So the $20 9 hole rates this afternoon are about as good as it gets. Cart or no cart same price.

Follow up question: can I just bring my wife and let her go run errands in the golf cart around town while I walk? I mean I’m paying for it right.

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sorry cart path only…

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The switch to turn off the cart GPS is on the back left side of the screen console…


I played magnolia for the first time on Saturday and it was car path only, I may have run half a mile on the 9th holes figuring out where the hell I was supposed to go. Second time around just blasted it wayyyy right and drove down 1 in the opposite direction which was 1000x easier


That’s 100 percent the play to begin with. Red, how they want you to play the hole. Green, how any sane person would play it. minus @gatorz7888 - gather some more data for us on the left side play.


Yeah, I’m out on the leftward way.

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Also, I would lay up on #10 at Riviera every…single…time

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Drop another tree in the first purple box and change the second into grass, and playing to the blue box becomes more viable.

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then pray you don’t hit all that cart path