Roll Call: Atlanta - BJGC consultancy thread

Instagram handle or he/she isn’t real.

The down hill par 3 on the front gives me nightmares. Dream of big right misses that never come down.

@colinmccarthygolf 32k

He has my attention…

He was explaining how if I add forward shaft lean to my 3 wood and driver for more distance. He also mentioned that my driver shaft was too soft.

He seems very intelligent and probably gives decent lessons.

S.C. Top 10 huh? Man, anyone else feeling like they could use a life coach about now?

His golf swing is so ugly and he’s a million times better at golf than I’ll ever be.

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Yes, because driving distance is really hampering your scores

(Spoiler alert: driving distance is not hampering his scores)


I can say, of the large bucket 70% of it was hit with wedges.

Obviously someone in here has played the UGA Golf Course. How is it? My dad and I are driving down this weekend for the Bama UGA basketball game and got a tee time

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It’s awesome. The layout is so good for the value and a very walkable parkland course. They had a tough summer with the bent greens, but are usually great. Should be very good still…haven’t been in a bit though.


Played with @rmattgolden on St. Paddy’s day last year and the conditions were solid. Can’t wait to play there in peak season.

Love the course, would recommend.

Played in April 2018 and it was some of the nicest greens I’ve ever putted on. Definitely remember it being pretty challenging with a lot of elevation change but had a ton of fun.

That’s good to hear… I have a little love / hate relationship with RTJ. Grew up playing RTJ Hampton Cove + Cornell’s golf course at school. Got a little burnt out on his style, but haven’t played one in a while

attention all Atlanta golfers. August 22 event at The Fields GC. Get involved.



Would love to but will be in Scotland


Would love to get out and play at Laurel when it dries out from this big rain that is supposed to be coming in today.

When in August will you be in Dornoch? We fly home on the 14th.


Good morning everyone,

I am serving on the Board for the Atlanta American Heart Association’s Late Party for young professionals. We are holding our annual event at the St. Regis on Saturday February 29th.

My father suffered from massive heart deterioration and a rapid increase in pressure to his heart due to a leaky mitral valve when I was in grad school. We spent a week in the hospital during his surgery and subsequent recovery which then lasted all of 6 months and is perpetually ongoing. This serves as my why for getting involved with this great cause.

I wanted to blast out the event link to this group to see if any of you may be interested in joining. There will be a bar, band and silent auction. I am currently working on the possibility of stay and play packages at both Sea Island and Pinehurst (Fingers Crossed) as headliners in the auction along with many other local items. There are single tickets and sponsorship opportunities still available. Please feel free to write me directly if you would like a package of full details.



My company built the Maisonette and I’ve been doing work on it for the last 6 months. Would be fun to attend a party there, and support a great cause!