Roll Call: Atlanta - BJGC consultancy thread

Extremely in.

I’ve got the pot stirred with @phillipjeffries and @6thFairway already…


Someone poll up a few dates and let’s start narrowing the window.

The Fields is an hour from my bro’s place. I’m in, assuming I’ve got the extra time with work and cash on hand. Early August would be ideal

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Refuge event at The Fields GC possible dates:

  • August 1st
  • August 8th
  • August 15th
  • August 22nd
  • August 29th

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Once we decide on a date and confirm with course. 2-3 GUIs can just start a new more public thread and kick off the invite/sign up.


All in.

Only date consideration I have, and it’s a minor one, but schools (at least Cobb County) start on 8/3, so 8/1 could get pressure as a family weekend. Otherwise, glad we are getting this one planned nice and early!

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Mathematically, this is mind blowing. 250% percent, who knew.


I would add that the Oregon Super Regional is that second weekend (8/8), and as I informed @RangerB, @mearley44 & @mshriver3 I believe that the sweetens super regional will be about as tough a ticket as UGA/Bama in MBS. Won’t stop me from trying, but you get it.

Ok, so based on the above feedback, I’m going to submit August 15th as the date.

August 1st: potentially dealing with back to school
August 8th: potentially dealing with NIT conflict (though I don’t think this will be many)
August 22nd: Tour Championship (because why not spend this Saturday drinking there instead?)

The Fields Southern Sweatdown date of August 15th:

  • Yay
  • Nay

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Seems like Aug 22 would be a great weekend to get some notariety in the world of SGS Event of the Week consideration.

I will make anything work out personally. Curious to know if the nay votes are like just preferences or if it’s “I can’t do this”

Because def would be a shame if some local legends can’t be there. I know nothing is perfect. But we can get close.

August 15th is my sisters wedding. Can and will make any other date work.


Details are unclear at this time but will most likely be out of the country in mid August :confounded:

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Could we get her to reschedule?


Or just move the venue to the lovely town of LaGrange, GA

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We’re exploring options with all parties involved

After spending plenty of time lurking around here, I’ve decided to finally jump in on the posting. Instead of going completely anonymous, I figured I’d just put my name on what I post here! As you can tell, I work for the Georgia State Golf Association, so if you have any specific questions on things we are doing feel free to reach out.

I’m looking forward to our office moving down to BJGC later this year. I am a Marist guy, couple years ahead of TC, so anyone on here who went there as well, you might know me or someone related to me.

Anyways, I’m always up for a game, especially once we end up down there. I’m looking at coming up with a few ideas to get more people involved with what we are doing for the game of golf in Georgia, and I’ll be happy to share any of that with yall. If you have kids that like to play golf, we do offer Youth on Course in Georgia, so they can walk and play golf at over 40 courses in the state for $5 or less.

Back to lurking, but happy to finally jump in and do some posting.


Welcome Tripp! I used to work alongside the AGA quite a bit and you all never get enough credit for the work You’re doing! Thank you.