Roll Call: Atlanta - BJGC consultancy thread

We’re exploring options with all parties involved

After spending plenty of time lurking around here, I’ve decided to finally jump in on the posting. Instead of going completely anonymous, I figured I’d just put my name on what I post here! As you can tell, I work for the Georgia State Golf Association, so if you have any specific questions on things we are doing feel free to reach out.

I’m looking forward to our office moving down to BJGC later this year. I am a Marist guy, couple years ahead of TC, so anyone on here who went there as well, you might know me or someone related to me.

Anyways, I’m always up for a game, especially once we end up down there. I’m looking at coming up with a few ideas to get more people involved with what we are doing for the game of golf in Georgia, and I’ll be happy to share any of that with yall. If you have kids that like to play golf, we do offer Youth on Course in Georgia, so they can walk and play golf at over 40 courses in the state for $5 or less.

Back to lurking, but happy to finally jump in and do some posting.


Welcome Tripp! I used to work alongside the AGA quite a bit and you all never get enough credit for the work You’re doing! Thank you.


Moved last August and haven’t played in an event yet but looking forward to the first! Definitely want to hear more about what else you guys are doing for golf if you’re willing to share!

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welcome! Please feel free to contribute and dive in with us vs being a lurker. GSGA events are what got me back into playing after taking nearly a decade off, so I have a soft spot for the org. Can’t wait to tee it up this year…and hopefully play a bit better than last year.

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Well. Maybe we move to the 22nd?


I vote August 22nd weekend, my birthday is on the 20th and already planned on playing golf all weekend. Original thought was a trip to sweetens, but it can definitely be switched for all day at fields


I’m good with 22

August 22nd. Sold.

OK, who else wants to help plan? Gonna need an extra hand or two or three since I’m gonna have some things on my plate…

/gestures at first child arriving shortly

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I will let the course know we want the 22nd and make sure that’s cool with them and that it can be appropriately coordinated with summer aeration so we can have puuuuure conditions.

I can be course liaison as needed.

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You go it. I’m all in to help.

I’ll throw my name in as a farm hand/pack mule to help out.

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OTF is really cool. Completely agree on that nomination

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I will make most those weekends in August work.

To confirm we 100% out on July right.

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Late to the party but I okay one the Golfweek Am Tour, starting my 3rd year with them. I play on the Upstate tour, but know the Atlanta director really well.

Fun to play some tournament rounds with guys you get to know. The regional events are awesome and nationals is a blast. Local tori aments are what you make of them and the flights are nice. I’m heading down to Oconee in late Feb for their 2-day there.

If you have questions, just hit me up!

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Great layout and the zoysia fairways / greens were perfect last summer. I think it might be the best public course I’ve played within 2 hours of Atl. Haven’t played the new 9 though

Long time lurker here who has just created an account so I can occasionally post and hopefully get together for some golf.

Retired early (56) last year and am really enjoying the flexibility to play weekday golf, especially with my 18 year old daughter who is quite keen on the game.

We live in Laurel Springs in the Johns Creek area and play there quite a bit. Not bad for a residential course and the convenience of living a few hundred yards from the first tee is hard to beat.

I’m a long time member of Royal Dornoch and am looking forward to an extended trip to the Highlands this summer (mid to late June through mid August). If anyone will be in Dornoch this summer and would like a game at Dornoch (or Brora), I would love to host subject only to other golf commitments.




Welcome! We’ve got an entertaining bunch here. And congrats on the early retirement!

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I’ve played Laurel Springs. It was a long time ago. Maybe 15+ years. I vividly remember I was -3 through 5 and finished with an 82. Icarito!!!