Roll Call: Atlanta - BJGC consultancy thread

Weekends you will be fine at Berkeley or even Rivermont. Druid Hills would work great, but it is in a different price bracket.

Weekdays are the crap shoot, especially when traffic gets back to full-strength,

Playing public, I would be driving 30 - 60 minutes to play across the metro area, so keep that in mind.


I only wear them inside the house, since I ruptured my plantar fascia. I swear.

~15 extra minutes to your course to free up 30 minutes to 1 hour of pace of play. And meet more like minded golfers?

that’s what they call “worth it”

You are usually driving 30+ minutes to play a course worth a damn anyway, so the private route isn’t as drastic of a change.

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We have some spots left open if any of you guis want to join in the fun.

Aiken Golf Club 10/3 all day. $100


Have a new NLU disciple, non refugee potentially lined up. Should know by end of weekend.



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unfortunately that guii can’t make it happen. false alarm.

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Dunwoody with a big wait list these days - 7 years I’m being told.


I thought Capital City’s 3.5 years was outrageous. This is flat out preposterous. You have to be screwing with us.

EDIT: Who in their right mind knows where they will be in 7 years? (Check’s watch, really hoping to be living in Teton Village, WY at that point)


Ansley is around 5 as well, last I checked.

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PDC was around 2 years for legacy applicants last time I heard.

Yeah, just spoke to the membership director the other week (we’re actually going the other way - resigning our national membership now that we live in Chicago). It’s not unprecedented either, I think they were at that level in the 2007-8 timeframe. But it cleared out quickly after that ;-).

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too many golfers and too many shitty golf courses in atlanta. all the good ones are full!


I wonder who got fired today at fox creek


Mr Pratt. :slight_smile: Carl is the hear pro at Reunion. That’s awesome. What is Chris doing now? Jim M

looks like the fields opened back up their online tee sheet:

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Also, just got the email about their annual field party. Looks like some live music, food, booze. Not sure if there is anything special with the golf that day

got the email too. so bizzarre.

annoucning this year’s party! date is in 3 weeks! zero details to provide you at this time!