Roll Call: Atlanta - BJGC consultancy thread

Isn’t everywhere in Atlanta at least an hour away from everywhere else in Atlanta?

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Best part of the round yesterday.


Played Cobblestone on Sunday. Thought the course was in really good shape. Haven’t played but a few times in the last 6 months and sprayed the ball all over the place. But enjoyed finally getting out of the house and chopping it up with friends.


Love cobblestone. Srsly love it. Some dumb holes. But prob the best “local” course to Smyrna.

Yep. I’m partial to it as well. Grew up near the course and live just outside Smyrna now. Right at 30 minutes door to door - not many other courses worth playing within 30 minutes from the house.


Thought I’d leave this here for our friends to the North.

High quality afternoon 9 with @pullhooks @hojo16 and @mearley44 yesterday. Hope to run it back again soon.


Old Toccoa Farm

If you’re interested in a slight drive, let me recommend Old Toccoa Farm. Had a chance to play yesterday with some friends and was glad that we made the trip. Keep in mind with COVID, some things are not what we’re used to but the golf experience was solid! Think of your traditional mountain course peppered with some really solid holes along the river.


This was the last place I played before Covid hit. Loved everything about it. Overflowing with character and well conditioned corkiness. I imagine the conditions right now are prime. This is the funnest public tract I’ve found in Georgia. I’m itching to make it back SOON. Well worth the drive.

I was supposed to play Old Toccoa last month- we had rented a cabin in Blue Ridge, which obviously got cancelled.

Would like to get one of those divot ettiquette plaques. Keep one in my car and take it with me when I go to the range and set it out for others to see.


OTF is looking nice, think you may have convinced me to make the trip tomorrow. Was thinking about going to The Fields but haven’t been to the Farm yet.

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@fanofrockytop is Old Toccoa even remotely walkable? Thanks!

@nwamrine it would be an extremely tough walk.

Hi, would not recommend it - AT ALL…

Built by Coore Crenshaw protégés.

Yes, but would not recommend walking Old Toccoa, and I only saw it from the road. It’s a mountain course.

Signed up for the Aug 30 qualifier at Southern Hills for the Georgia Mid Am today, it’s a hike from ATL (just under 2 hours for me) but was the only one on a weekend.

If anyone else is signing up let me know!


Eying that one too. Was signed up for the qualifier in Savannah in April because it was the only weekend date. Will let you know.

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Looking to get fit in the area. I am between club champion and golf doctors. Is there anyone y’all would recommend in the area? Anywhere with outdoor fitting too? Trying to get some new irons.