Roll Call: Arnold Palmer Invitational


Who’s gonna be in Orlando for the tournament? Will be at the tourney pretty much all four days, can offer on-course and off-course suggestions if you haven’t been before. Looking forward to a great week with awesome weather and a Tiger victory!


Will be there Friday - what’s your go to location to set up shop for the day? Was thinking the area around 13 green, 14 tee, and 11 fairway? Never been before


That’s not a bad spot. Little far from the clubhouse so there’s usually not as much traffic out there. I like 5 green/6 tee, because you can watch guys hit into 5 and putt, and then just turn right around and watch them tee off on 6. There’s a set of trees by the bridge near 16 green that I like…you can watch em hit into 16 and turn around and watch them on 17.


I will be escort marshaling again this year, unsure of which groups yet.
Ill post some tidbits from inside the ropes as a recap for each day, if anyone is interested


If you can get to 17 early enough, there is a great spot between 16 bridge and the 17th pond that is shaded, and allows you to see the long eagle approaches on 16 and all the tee balls on 17.

edit: didnt even see you wrote the same thing before typing up mine @LJD :rofl:


Not there in person but I have a question.

It looks from TV coverage that everyone is following Tiger and very few elsewhere on the course.

Is that the tale from the ground? How many are following groups like Stenson-Scott-Fleetwood?


On Thursday that’s kinda the case. Crowds should be great this weekend.


I worked the Stenson/Scott/Fleetwood group on Thursday/Friday and crowds weren’t too large.
Some of that is the weekday effect, but most of that is the “Tiger” effect.