Roll Call: Alabama

Birmingham area here, as well…currently a member at Pine Tree Country Club. Pretty solid and inexpensive private option.

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Tuscaloosa here. The par 3’s at Pine Tree are great. I like that course a lot. Favorite private courses: Willow Point, Shoal, and Old Overton. Favorite public courses are FarmLinks and Kiva Dunes.

Would be interested to get everyone’s top 5 (or 10) courses they’ve played in Alabama.

Mine would be:
1 - Shoal Creek
2 - Willow Point
3 - CC of Bham - West
4 - Farm Links
5 - Old Overton

#1, 2 and 3 are all pretty interchangeable for me…

Montgomery resident here.

The nicest course I’ve played is probably StillWaters Golf Club a few years ago.

I mostly just play the local public courses and munis.

Born and raised in Huntsville, but in Atlanta now.

My dad is a member up at the Ledges in Huntsville. I think any top 5 in the state should probably include that course.

Another Birmingham resident here

Favorite courses in the area to play:

  1. Farmlinks - obvious
  2. Timberline - of all the courses in the $60-70 range , they have the best variety of holes
  3. Woodward - fallen on hard times but love the property. Not to mention the quick pace of play and cheap green fees.

Completely agree on Timberline

Fellow Alabamans (is that right?), I’ll be in Montgomery from mid January to the end of February and I’m looking for some course recommendations, and to see if anyone wants to meetup. I’ll have access to a car, and already have my eyes set on making the pilgrimage to Sweetens. Let me know if you have any strong opinions on “must play” courses within 3 hours of Montgomery. Roll Tide

If you are heading north to sweetens ->

FarmLinks at Purcell Farms is a must. RTJ wise you have the judge or the senator. Also Capitol Hill and grand national. Those are my favorites near Montgomery. Prob highest rated on RTJ.

Birmingham has slightly lower rated RTJ courses. A lot of good private courses if you can get on

Huntsville has the Ledges if you can get on, if not RTJ courses (despite my nostalgia) are ok, but not as good as the RTJ courses south of there


Hey clay. . . could be able to play sometime in February. I’m in Huntsville but could play one of the rtjs in montgomery, auburn, or Cambrian ridge on a Saturday. If its in the 50s in South Pittsburgh could do sweetens cove

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Also everyone in alabama. Would anyone be interested in meeting once a month or once every 2 months to play on a saturday? Figured we could meet in a central location in the state and play a round.


SOS time huh. Let me know when you want to play. I tend to play weekend mornings up at Capitol Hill. Out of town most weekends in Jan but around in Feb. I don’t love the Judge because I try and walk most rounds and it’s a tough walk.

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Someone has to learn how to lead manage the future Airman of America. I’ve played the Judge once a few years back, but have yet to see the other two courses.

Hey Clay - I’m just south of Birmingham and would be happy to join you for a round at Farmlinks, RTJ, Ballantrae or Timberline. When are you thinking about heading up to Sweetens?

Yeah I would love to play any/all of those courses. Sweetens date is completely flexible as of right now. I had Presidents’ Day weekend in mind because I think I may get Monday off, but that’s still unconfirmed.

You interested in trying out for the club golf team? I graduated 2015 but know the current president. They should be having tryouts for Spring soon after classes start. Good way to find people to play with plus get to play in tournaments.

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Craft Farms and Peninsula are good options


FYI - just over the Alabama line!


Grew up playing Horse Creek. Still try and get out there for a weekly round with family members.

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Hello Everyone! I live in Vestavia and usually play out at Bentbrook. I have been trying to play different tracks though. Farmlinks is still my favorite within an hour of B’ham. I’m looking at going to Sweetens in middle of March. Anyone have any feedback on the SC experience?