Roll Call: Alabama (Spring Match Play Info - Post #676)

Also part of the ‘23 season for @HighCottonClub is a new format for #jackpots

Jackpots are member run games that carried no value in ‘22, but served as a way to meet and play with more folks. Starting in August, each jackpot will feature 10 points from each HCC member in attendance, and the group is free to bet those points however they choose. As the season progresses, players will develop a bank and have the ability to bet beyond the points from just that day.

At the end of the season, we’ll pay out the top 5 in jackpot points, and we may just end up taking one person from the jackpot list to the regional qualifier… you never know.

Either way, #TheFloat at Tim’s Ford on 8/26, The Fourth Edition of The High Cotton Classic, our new jackpot format, or other events on the schedule yet TBA, the @HighCottonClub is booming and we’d love to have more Bama folks involved