Rickie Fowler: Social Climber?


I remember back when Rickie Fowler first started out on Tour. His whole long hair, flat brim, orange scripting schtick was very striking, counter-cultural. Think back to the Golf Boys video, clowning around with Crane, Mahan, and Bubba.

Now, look at Rickie. He cut his hair, rocks the joggers, rocks the Jordans. Stylish. Farmers commercials. Heading down to Bakers Bay with PGA Tour Players of the Year Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas, like Tobey McGuire following Leo DiCaprio to clubs. Fewer PGA Tour wins than Webb Simpson and drafting off more successful golfers, Dash Day-ing at every major. I half-expect him to re-brand and start going by Richard or Dick.

Is Rickie Fowler a social climber? Is he going to cut bait and start going to Ibiza with Joaquin Niemann in a few years? Sure he’s made more money than any of the above guys over the course of his career, but being famous and printing money without having the resume…

Is Rickie Fowler a Kardashian?


Ricky has grown on me over the years. I think hes equal parts unlucky and a player who is A minus or B plus elite in the sense that he can’t quite get over the hump. Hes had 9 top 10s majors, 61 career top 10s, finished 2nd or 3rd 20 times.

He’s basically an upper tier SEC football school like Georgia. The tools are there to be elite but it just never fully comes together and unfortunately plays in the same conference (or era) as a pack of elite horses that he cant knock out when it counts.


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I know people well who work closely with him at Farmers, Wheels, Cobra/Puma and all of them to a man can’t say enough about how good of a person he is. Like a genuinely great person.


In 5 years we won’t even remember the Golf Boys or the SB2K gang.

Social media is gonna all be about the new age rat pack, Rickie Fowler, Curtis Luck, Matthew Wolff, and Aaron Wise.


He may be a Kardashian in the fact that he has leveraged his likability or niche to become something more then golf. Dude is a business man far and beyond any of his peers with better resumes on tour. Unless the switch really flips, he won’t go down as an all time great champion of the game, but he is inch by inch becoming the modern day Arnold Palmer.


RIP being the only Cobra in the basket. Big Data Bryson is coming for that $$$ to fund his work.


Year 2030: Rickie Fowler, Frankie Capan, Reid Davenport, and Eugene Hong (the Funky Bunch) go viral on InstaChat after celebrating Capan’s 3rd major championship.


Year 2040: Dash Day, Caleb Watson, Meh Kaufman, and Rickie Fowler come together as the Buzzard Bros (its a reference from a movie that hasn’t come out yet).


Best Rickie take yet


I think he’ll have his day. We’ve become spoiled by ballers winning big when they’re young, but that’s not the way for everyone. Think how Justin Rose is a top 5 player these days. But that success has come largely in his 30’s. It’s how it goes sometimes. Very few people win consistently over 20/30 years. Some peak early, some late. Look at Rory. He smashed it 20-25. Has struggled the last 3 years. Spieth struggling this year.

It’s also well known that Ricky takes everyone’s money in private matches. He’s got the game. And if you add in Euro Tour wins he’s doing fine (his ET wins have been in events with solid fields too).

His business interests you have to separate intellectually. Playing golf and spinning a business celebrity career are mutually exclusive. There are plenty of celebrities who have made fortunes without any discernible skills away from Instagram! He’s lucky he’s good at both but don’t hate on him for it.


Because he’s likable, I think most haters want to see him justify the hype/commercial success.


I think the comparison to Georgia Football is very apt.

Wasn’t his -14 at the masters this year good enough to win all but like 5 Master’s all time? And he basically completed a grand slam of 2nd’s a few years ago. He’s got the game, it just seems someone else always ends up popping up with a little more game that same week.


It feels like Rickie has been around forever but he is still just 29. He has a lot of golf left and there are plenty of really good golfers who didn’t win their first major until they were in their 30’s or later, Phil, Rose, Stenson, Bubba, DJ and many others.

I know he took exception to the poll a few years ago before his Player’s win that said he was the most overrated, but I think there was a lot of truth to that. He he hasn’t won all that much, and a lot of his fans and his recognition were because of the bright colors and the appeal to young people. I think the casual golf fan assumes Rickie has won more than he has because of that commercial appeal.

The guy makes a ton of cuts, just needs to win more.
He is like a more successful Charles Howell III at this point. Make a ton of cuts, but don’t win that often.


He makes all the right moves, has a carefully curated image. He’s the guy that shows good sportsmanship by greeting the winner, is at the ceremonial tee at the masters, he signs a billion autographs, he was decked out in Arnold Palmer umbrellas after he died, etc etc. We never have drama from him.

At the same time, that makes him kind of boring and corporatey.


The only thing I dislike about Rickie is the fact that he is a spokesperson for Quicken Loans but that’s more because of my dislike of Dan Gilbert than anything.


Winning in your 20s, especially majors, is actually VERY new. Tiger essentially broke that barrier.

Justin Rose is the perfect comparison. Had 8 worldwide wins and was 32 when he won the U.S. Open. He has 7 worldwide wins and an Olympic gold medal since.

Rickie has 6 worldwide win at age 29.

I know all that is getting away from the topic of this post, so that being said…Rickie is a little bit of a social climber, but he’s done it the right way and he’s ultra popular on TOUR for a reason.


Comparing his career to Webb Simpson is dumb. Webb has been around longer than Rickie by a few years and has less professional wins (although he has one Major, which is his one more PGA tour win.)


Rickie is a beauty. We love him in Canada. People change and evolve over time and you can see the maturity he’s gained over the years. From all accounts Rickie Fowler is a great dude.


Talk about clutching at straws. This thread is hilarious.

He’s a quality human who has had a strong career and is brilliantly-placed as he heads into what is statistically the most productive decade of a pro’s career.

And if you’ve seen a pic of the rock he put on Allison Stokke’s finger today, it’s clear he has done well for himself in all facets (pun intended).