Rick Shiels and the Bro Five

So I am looking for a place to get a good used set or a good place to get a new older model

Currently wife the dog and myself are heading to MILs with clubs in tow. Wife says you may not get to take your clubs after the baby is born. We don’t have the room.
Then without me saying anything she says “maybe we get you another set and you keep it at my moms”
So now I am on the hunt for a good used set or an older model set

Any help would be great… websites, stores, links to eBay etc…

You’ll never believe this

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Made me think of this tweet:


When you married you chose … wisely.

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Pretty hard to point you to sets since you gave no info on what you like. Blades? Game improvement? What’s your handicap? Budget?

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Also gave no effort in to using the SEARCH function here at the Refuge…

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This is the perfect time to strike @Wnf08a. You need to set out and convince your wife that playing 2 different sets of clubs could be detrimental to your game, and that your current set is so old that finding the same equipment will be impossible to replicate. The only workable solution would be a new full set revamp with a backup set to store at MIL’s place.


She’s right- it’s the way to go. Leave a set there.

This listing looks like it’s not going to end well for the seller. You can see this seller’s store on eBay. You might want to filter through “other items” because they have some nice lefty inventory.

Also, “you’re not going to believe this” in the Refuge is normally reserved for Acts of God.


callawaypreowned.com Black Friday sales…


Tough read that.

Am I the only one that thinks the appropriate play is to leave the current set there and get a new one for home?

I don’t want to hear anything about cost.


I’m in the same boat but with 2 kids I use globalgolf. They always have deals going and coupons. I just got some Callaway X forged 18s and a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 2018 by trading in the old and it cost me like $100.

Whether or not @wnf08a gets new clubs or not this thread is a case study in TITLES.

You cannot use “you’ll never believe this” in regard to buying clubs in a forum with dozens of people who have an addiction to club buying.

“You’re never going to believe this…”

“Hold my putter” - @LJP





You’ll never believe this…

I only have one set of golf clubs, and no spare clubs of any kind.


who are you and what are you doing in our safe space



In lieu of that, try looking for a used set of the existing clubs so as to replicate the current game. Existing ones should be old enough to be fairly cheap.

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“You’re Never Going to Believe This” can only be followed by “I’m taking a month long break from the Refuge” and can only be authored by @nandersen or else it’s a damn dirty lie.