Refuge WGT Invitational - Powered by Covid-19

Hi guys,

This quarantine I went back to my first love, World Golf Tour (WGT). I love playing matches against random people around the world but I’ve been thinking about doing an internal tournament with people inside de Refuge.

Are here a fair amount of WGT players to organize this little tournament? Since I’m stuck here in my studio apartment in Buenos Aires I don’t mind setting the draws, schedule, etc.

If any of you guys don’t know this game and is bored as hell, try it out. Is really cool because you play over actual photos of real courses such as Old Course, Oakmont, Merion and a ton more. It’s really cool.

My user is Coulter15.

Crack on!

(Add you username in WGT in your reply)

Tournament Rules:

1) 18 hole Match Play at St. Andrews (I think it’s the most fair course in the game). Scored match conditions.
2) 16 players single match elimination (Round of 16, Cuarterfinals, Semifilans, Final and 3rd/4th place Match).
3) Stock balls to even out the things.
4) No clubs restriction.
5) Draws and matches schedule will be created randomly (we’ll take into account the different time zones and availability)

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I would be in. I try and play 9 holes every day. Normally I play in the evening in the U.S.

My username is jbenny23

Awesome, i’ll stat writing down the potential players.

Yeah I’d be in. WGT gets me through the winters.

Haha same. What’s your username?

thesaxemachine here, on WGT and in life


CCMAXLANDY - just started but down to play

Haven’t played this in years, going to try any figure out my log in tonight and will put it in here

jasona93, I’d play, its been a few months!


6 players already. I’ll see how to set the matches when we get to 32 so we can start the tournament at round of 16.

Can you set a tourney in WGT or will in need to be managed here?

No you can´t.

But that’s not a problem, I can upload here the brackets and we can do it ourselves.

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Keen on this! I’m EndlessBunker

Sweeeet, this is starting to get some shape.


I’m in, NPW86

Is this one of those games where you can just pay more money than the other guy to get better clubs and win?

Yeah, i fight those Money players all days. It’s not imposible to beat them but yeah.

I though about making an internal rule about only allowing the unlimited ball (less distance, spin, meter speed, etc) in order to make it more equal. Not clubs tho.

@NPW @thekid33 In. 10/16 players. 6 more and we can kick off this first one to see how it goes.

I’m straight stock…I think only upgrades are the ones I’ve earned. I won’t throw money at the app games. Actually, it’s pretty awesome because at least the distances are kind of real life for me. It’s like I’m in the game!