Refuge Secret Santa - 11 Short Months to Christmas 2021



Yeah I can show some of the google form info when I get to a computer.

Weather and conditions were awesome. Back bowls and Blue Sky basin were open. Little warmer than usual for December, but the conditions couldn’t be better.

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Just what I love to hear! Won’t be there for a few weeks so I’m sure by January the warmth will have dissipated and we’ll be going full Antarctica mode. Which, to me, is honestly the most fun conditions to have while skiing. You just really feel like you’re flying when the air bites back.

It was nice to come back from a long Christmas road trip to see a package on my porch. Thanks a ton to my Secret Santa for the NLU merch, a Travis Matthew hat, a belt, and these Spieth stickers. I’m ready for Spieth’s comeback year now.


I had you. I ordered a Georgia Tech Calvin Johnson jersey from a (admittedly sketchy) Chinese website. The tracking hasn’t been much help either. I was going to give it until Friday until I ordered you something else. Hope it shows up, but you’ll have something soon if it doesn’t!


Alright there appear to be about 8 gifts that will trickling in. I don’t think we have a single gift that fell through the cracks or anyone who got stiffed. Just a few shipping delays, custom orders, etc. And everyone has either contacted me or their person so someone knows what is going on. Well done everyone on the not being a scumbag part of this experiment.

This was entirely too much fun to watch unfold. You all knocked it out of the park, “lurkers”, “regulars” and everyone in between. Can’t wait to fire it up again next year.

For anyone who cares, here are the pairings. Santa in red, recipient in black:

And also the only two questions that had a standardized answer from the Google Form:



I know it’s been said before but thanks for taking this on and keeping everything on track. It was a lot of fun!


Thank you @HaveOuimet

You are a true hero. Well done sir.


I would self identify as strapped but I’m confident that Almost :100: % of refugees would identify me as c-suite.

Probably we could get better agreement on left hand or right hand :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :raised_back_of_hand:



Apparently not, ain’t that right @gatorz7888

On how clubs are swung? Or on what hand you eat with? Or on what is your dominant hand? Or how you should swing a club?

All of those things!!!

Thanks!!! Super thoughtful. And yes, my dad texted me a few hours ago that a package arrived at his place from China. He’s sending it onwards (I was there for Christmas). Thanks a million!

And many thanks to @HaveOuimet for organizing.


Glad you liked it! I was gonna get you some Texas stuff, but your allegiances were surprisingly difficult to track down (unless I just plain missed your post in the sports allegiance thread). Figured the best thing to do would be to help you spread the Gospel of Spieth.

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You the man, @HaveOuimet!

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Shameless plug for the next office time wasting activity for anyone interested:


The sleigh finally caught up to me with its final gift, which has apparently traveled from China to New York, and then had to chase me back across the country to Oklahoma.

Behold, a custom retro Georgia Tech football jersey bearing the holy name and number of the one and only Calvin Johnson!

Can’t wait to ironically wear this in a bar watching LSU/Clemson tomorrow. Thanks @ajtwenty1!


That is hideous…Go Dawgs!!

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Hideous? Dear sir, your dwags’ red-and-black color scheme is the same as the Falcons. You know what else they have in common? Choking in the playoffs.

I’ll take my blue and gold any day. Comes with 4 collegiate national championships in the bag, too.