Refuge Secret Santa - 11 Short Months to Christmas 2021

On how clubs are swung? Or on what hand you eat with? Or on what is your dominant hand? Or how you should swing a club?

All of those things!!!

Thanks!!! Super thoughtful. And yes, my dad texted me a few hours ago that a package arrived at his place from China. He’s sending it onwards (I was there for Christmas). Thanks a million!

And many thanks to @HaveOuimet for organizing.


Glad you liked it! I was gonna get you some Texas stuff, but your allegiances were surprisingly difficult to track down (unless I just plain missed your post in the sports allegiance thread). Figured the best thing to do would be to help you spread the Gospel of Spieth.

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You the man, @HaveOuimet!

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Shameless plug for the next office time wasting activity for anyone interested:


The sleigh finally caught up to me with its final gift, which has apparently traveled from China to New York, and then had to chase me back across the country to Oklahoma.

Behold, a custom retro Georgia Tech football jersey bearing the holy name and number of the one and only Calvin Johnson!

Can’t wait to ironically wear this in a bar watching LSU/Clemson tomorrow. Thanks @ajtwenty1!


That is hideous…Go Dawgs!!

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Hideous? Dear sir, your dwags’ red-and-black color scheme is the same as the Falcons. You know what else they have in common? Choking in the playoffs.

I’ll take my blue and gold any day. Comes with 4 collegiate national championships in the bag, too.


The pats were down 28-3 and won. Never tired of saying this. Keep pounding!

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My gift finally arrived after some massive logistical delays from Iliac. Thanks @Rob_Roth for the personalized gift!


Just in time for Valentine’s Day!


Secret Santa 2020 assignments are early this year huh

Dog, rug, custom headcover, and baby gear.

@JBors, please let us know to get our umbrellas out when you spray that much Refuge Sauce next time.


That green cup at the top is from the Masters too.


Heineken or Blue Moon?

Green is “craft” I believe.

“Import“ or “craft” with an orange slice

It was craft with orange slice



I know Christmas 2020 is around the corner, but my secret santa deserves a huge shout out! Thanks to intercontinental courier @Bullseye I got my Chrismas Present, and boy, it did not disappoint! @Novo knocked it out of the park!

I’m now repping the Blaugrana during wet evening runs and range sessions! Benvolgut @Novo, moltes gràcies!