Refuge Poker Club - Now a regular thing

Alright, y’all - looks like “tomorrow” is finally here. I’ve made a PokerStars poker club.

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@leric90 and I are co-hosting. It’s my understanding that once you download the (free!) software and log in, you can sit in on tables and join. We can run a combination of cash games, tournaments, and free games at various levels, subject to group discussion etc.

I have a venmo account that I used in college for cash game buy-ins, I’m happy to share that with other admins as necessary - buy in when you join, pay out when you leave.

There will surely be some hiccups as we get this moving, but I am looking forward to getting this up and running, please bear with me!


As a lover of games, I’m WAY in. As a furloughed man, I don’t think I should be playing for actual cash anytime soon

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See ya thurrrrr.

To be clear, I’m not playing tonight - just trying to put together some groundwork so we can get this up and running.


Let’s actually schedule a game. Preferably at night


Probably once you get into the club, turn off emails from the club.

im in!

Anyone else unable to make an account?

whats the issue?

When I try to make an account, it says I need to re-download the software. Tried it. Same thing happens. So, it sends me in a cycle

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some of the guys in the EUro RACDG chat have a pokerstars group if you all want to join. We have a pokerstars group and would start a whats app thread and keep it all above board on there with play money so people all around the world can play.

Currently there is a game set up for i believe 5:30 EST on friday.

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:frowning: uh oh not sure

this sounds really good, i just created a new pokerstars group but we can totally collab… whatsapp sounds tight

im going to bed now but if you want to post more info by the morning that would be cool

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do we want to switch it to the RACDG group or yours? im not the one that created it ill have to message the guys and see when they wake up

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we can also run both cause i’d like the ability to run some real cash games too

Id love to get in on this. However, cash games have to be minimum for me for obvious reasons. Ha

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I am so In

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Sounds fun!

yup! join the group we can figure it out

Fixed it. Had to screw with my vpn

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