Refuge Peloton Thread - Sam’s AC/DC Ride from 12/1/21

For some reason, I could never get the hang of the one forward one back hinges. It was also the first ride I had ever had with those.

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thanks for linking this was a fascinating listen

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I despise groove rides. No hate, I just feel like a real jackass doing them.

Part of it might be I once rode in studio with Emma and it was a groove ride and I was in the front row and I couldn’t necessarily sync up. She very nicely gave generic advice about how to do execute tap backs and I felt like it was directed at me.

Is my neurosis showing?

Also, she gave me a walk by fist bump after class and a “nice job,” so I got that going for me, which is nice.


On the contrary, that was some of the most fun I’ve ever had on a bike. Not sure why I’m so fond of groove rides, but I am. For whatever reason it works for me.

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Couple items of business this week - first the new weekly ride. Shoutout @Rossy2644 for nominating Sam’s AC/DC Ride from 12/1/21. @ChickPhilA please update the thread when you can.


Also, we’re running low on ride nominations. Please jump in there if you have a few minutes and add a ride or two for the group. The ride selection process is very scientific. I use a random number generator to select the rides each week and then announce it on Mondays. There’s no requirements/limitations to the rides. It could be a ride you’ve taken and loved or one that looks enjoyable. I’ll add a few at some point today hopefully.

Link to the spreadsheet here.


Credit to @Rossy2644 (I can tell you love it by the 4 times you showed up on the refuge leaderboard!) for the ride nomination this week! This is still one of my top 5-10 classes I’ve ever taken. Also, thunder mountain is absolutely no joke. Lol


Ah thunder mountain! Looking forward to doing this one again. Good to get some Bon Scott
era AC/DC into the ride as well.

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stop saying Thunderstruck!

stop saying Thunderstruck!


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It felt like college, but not nearly as fun this time.

5th time doing the ride. Will likely do it again.


Wow - way more fun that I expected