Refuge Elections: The Candidates

For those keeping score at home…


I honestly can’t keep all the platforms straight. Which candidates are running on a “no moderators” platform? My choice will definitely come from that group.

I’ve participated/lurked on a lot of various internet message boards over the years, and the Refuge is by far the best combination of software/people/moderation (or lack of moderation) out there. With the ignore function and the other options out there, we don’t need heavy-handed moderators here. In my experience, that just ends up being a power play by those who are “Moderators” and those who aren’t.


I can’t take this seriously enough to pore through the platforms in regards to “major campaign points” and organize them / list them…haha

I think you’re either in the dog or @Eric_Denver camp though

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My campaign is based on maintaining this community. We have many real life connections that have been forged, and the Zooms during quarantine have been a lifeline to some sense of normalcy during these trying times. I have found my tribe and it’s you guis.

The Refuge has grown considerably over the last few months, and I will do my best to maintain and improve this community whether I am elected or not.


Ha - wasn’t expecting you @pushdraw to spend the time and detail that - was more hoping the candidates themselves would make it clear.

Gotta admit, as a new dog owner myself, the dog has the early lead.

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I know that you’re anti-moderator, but under my administration, moderators (and myself) would only have two responsibilities:

  1. politely redirect new users who create redundant threads to relevant existing threads and the search feature/roll call topics, and to close the redundant thread.
  2. If a user committed an act worthy of banishment (threats of physical violence, doxxing, etc), myself and the moderators would meet to discuss and vote on whether or not said user would be banned.

That’s it. No big government. No heavy handedness. Think of them more of a welcoming committee than moderators.

Feel free to peruse the rest of The Light Touch platform here:


Here is an example of what communication from a moderator might look like:

I’ll have no moderators.

How people are treated and what they’re allowed to do will be ENTIRELY based on how much cash they can send me on PayPal.


cash app me $5 and see what happens

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If you are trying to make some money, quit losing to @Mattyeds


That could be interesting…

When I am elected the only act worthy of banishment will be a failure to address me as His Grace. Everything else is fair game. In fact points will be awarded for creative insults. And points win prizes.

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Not sure why you keep insisting on being called a woman’s name, but if that’s your thing I’ll go with it. Can we also use Gracie or are you insisting on Grace?

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Surely you can’t be serious.


I see what you did there. Happy that you started. But it’s a poor effort. Award of only 1/2 a point.

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And not knowing the titles of respect for your betters just exposes your lack of worldly wise knowledge, essential for Presidential matters.

Don’t worry Grace. I show proper respect to my betters. You ask any of them and they’ll confirm that for you.



Maybe I would have picked ya if your name was Grace…