Refuge Elections: The Candidates

Sounds like the kind of guy who says he’s voting for @The_Cad_Says at parties while secretly casting his ballot for the one and only Eric Denver.

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Looking forward to earning your vote in the weeks ahead. I’ve got ideas and a vision and looking forward to Q&A sessions where I can win you over.


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@Eric_Denver buddy, how do I break this to you… You’re not winning this. Nobody likes you. You’re kind of an asshole. In fact, if the competition was for Refuge’s Biggest Asshole, you’d come second.

And why not first? Because you’re an asshole.

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Now Dougal, we’ve been over this before…

This cow is close:

And this cow is far away:


We here at Choose for Tomorrow Today are proud announce a shift from PAC status to candidacy. I am eager to answer any questions you may have.

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I hope to get your vote, though I am not willing to buy a single vote.

I’m firmly on the center left in my belief in markets, with a little guidance from the state.

The Refuge is truly the best place on the internet, and while it has grown considerably of late, it still remains accessible for those willing to #getinvolved.

Love you guis, each and every one of you.


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I may not be very popular on this message board (a good thing) but I’m not a silver spoon phony and authenticity certainly is good for something.

Secondly, anyone who constantly has their back against the wall fending off attacks from all sides will come across as brash or rude at times, it’s how it goes. But an asshole? Certainly not.

In the lions den you can’t be expected to be on your best manners.

… is probably homophobic. :man_shrugging:t4:


Very good! I’ve been dealing with the jokes since high school hahaah!

I’m sure political scientists could learn about by scrolling through these threads.

They’d definitely confirm that the barrier to entry (non-existent) in internet elections is much too low.

This board being flooded with spam from non-viable candidates for the next three weeks in furtherance of improving the place is like 10,000 spoons when all we need is a knife.


You rang?


Nah, you’re probably in the long-shot, but not silly camp. Kind of the Cory Booker/Julian Castro lane.

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You should at least tag @Klondyke1892 when you speak of him…guess I’ll just take my mud slinging over here :slight_smile:


I’m 85% certain Allenby is a @Tron burner to try and stir it up.


But isn’t that kind of the point of the whole thing

Entirely possible. If there is a non-Tron human behind that account he’s obviously the Michael Bennett of this race.

Let’s all say it together “Wait, who is Michael Bennett @Klondyke1892 and why don’t I remember his run for the presidency?”


You’re Clearly a very funny guy so maybe I can give you a comedy role when I win, but so far my ideas are resonating and I’m hearing great things.
I’m looking forward to more debate in the weeks ahead, fresh blood is needed