Refuge Elections: The Candidates

I could be on board with that. It’s about the hang more than anything else.

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As the incumbent, President @aannddyy00 will play off scratch, and the other candidates will receive 1 stroke on the most difficultly rated hole used in the competition.

My legs are short, I have a bunch of genetic defects, my ears are quite large. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…


However this pans out, it has been a lot of fun so far.

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This was from my statement of acceptance of nomination for President.


Thank you, sir. I stand corrected.

But to be clear, with the other 2 or 3 exemptions, will you be choosing them, or will you return them to the Killhouse? And if you choose, what is your process?

The thread announcing my candidacy is currently in pending purgatory, but I would emphatically refuse any such exemption and raffle it off, with all proceeds benefiting Lurie’s Children’s Hospital.

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Very admirable. This should give you a bump in the polls. And your selection process for the others?

There are exemptions to be given out? Sorry, I didn’t read the rules. Or any details. Or anything really.

If given exemptions I imagine I’d sell them to the highest bidder for personal gain, naturally. Ones estate doesn’t pay for itself. To do anything else would be socialism. I should know. I’m the Socialist candidate.


Looking forward to this campaign! great energy among the refugees and together our pooled ideas can do great things!
When will we be having debate threads? With questions posed to the candidates? @pushdraw @Randy


nest memberships for all, they should not be controlled by private companies & for profit

(I think the other guy thinks @pushdraw is @djpie.)


Check out this eager beaver. He thinks it’ll be won or lost on policy performance. Lololol. :joy:

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I see it as another opportunity to do some good. Rather than ask for a monetary donation for the remaining spots, I would ask anyone interested in acquiring an exemption to volunteer in their communities. It doesn’t have to be grand gesture, just something to improve the world around you. Anyone who submits proof of legitimate volunteer work is added to a random drawing.


So many great ideas to pool together, why not have greater representation than just one person. We could even have three or five elected officials who can all champion their ideas to each other then vote on which should be implemented.


I almost titled my post “Student Body President 2.0” but I figured that wouldn’t get many clicks.

A drawing of what? Like a tree? A horse? And who’s doing this drawing? Who’s paying them? Do you expect to get that for free too?

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I just made this thread to keep things together…I know a debate was mentioned to and acknowledged by Randy yesterday…

I’m sure he is deep in the process (read: at the beach and/or napping) planning a Presidential Debate

I’d be happy to step up and facilitate if given the power, but that is to be discussed

Love it! Join me and we’ll campaign for this together!!