Refuge Elections: The Candidates

My intention with this post and subsequent thread is to have a one-stop Refuge Elections thread. I’ve already seen a few posts of “what the fuq is going on…” and general confusion. To summarize

It began with Randy’s announcement: Refuge Election--CALLING ALL NOMINEES!

The Candidates: (I will update this as more are announced / candidates drop out, please help me as needed) (side note: the below order is simply based in the order in which the campaign was announced / thread created, and is provided without further comment)

Campaigns still charging ahead

Closed / finished Campaigns:

EDIT: I will keep adding campaigns as they are announced, but I can only tag 10 people per post

Media coverage:

  • The public awaits additional information from the NRNN
  • The Center for Responsive Politics is not a media organization. We provide by request, candidate and voter data. Narratives spun from our data is out of our control and we accept no responsibility (please see @tylernichols91 for any/all inquiries)Preformatted text

Any news other than the NRNN is fake news




Not to be super pedantic but you could switched to an unordered list so that there isn’t an implied stack rank.

Edited for clarity…it is actually in order of the new thread being created

(How can I format it so that it is not numbered but still indented?)

Not indented.

  • Candidate One
  • Candidate Two
  • etc
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Because I firmly believe anyone who nominates themselves to be president of anything has shown a level of narcissistic cognitive dissonance to immediately eliminate themselves from contention, @Sarah is the clear choice.


@sarah already owns the Refuge.


It also should be clarified that @Sarah’s rejection of the nomination was due to her respect for her seat on The High Court, she does not wish to blur lines


Who’s the “set Eric Denver to auto-ignore for new accounts” candidate?


I do not think you will find that policy among any of the current candidates

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We probably can’t allow Laz the Presidency. He’s got too much to do as it is.

(major announcement coming.)


The Center for Responsive Politics is not a media organization. We provide by request, candidate and voter data. Narratives spun from our data is out of our control and we accept no responsibility.


The original post has been edited to reflect, but a new candidate has entered the fray

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Gonna request you gather the data on most common topics of conversation on users that like my posts about equal to how frequently they’re liking @RobertHunters posts


I was wondering which candidate would buy off the NRNN first!


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The Refuge is a collective of passionate golf fans from all over the world. We should be grateful that our founding fathers in Jacksonville have granted us an election so that we might nominate a leader democratically.

Having been lucky to meet many of you I am grateful to say that some of you can call me friend. None of you, however, will ever call me President. Not in June of 2020, not ever.

To whoever wins this nomination I will tell you this: The job will be thankless. The whining will be relentless. The darts will come from everywhere. You will be betrayed and your name will recklessly be dragged in the mud. Lies will be told about you. Such is the life of a leader.

My vote will be cast without reservation for @aannddyy00. Let me tell you why he checks all the boxes to be my candidate.

He’s been around. @aannddyy00 knows that you can’t reinvent the wheel, but also when to add a little spice to make things right.

He’s the guy you want in your golf league. Listen, I’ve played 36 years and almost every round with some form of gambling. You don’t want a president who has to google bingo bango bongo. Having met @aannddyy00 in Cincinnati, my main takeaway was had Andy been born in my hometown, we’d have been fast friends and he would be “that guy” that runs shit at the club.

There is no “guise what the fuck” without @aannddyy00.

In the darkest moments, he shines his brightest. I make a point of it to ask people about their failures, their valleys- that’s where the character shines through. In all of his valleys, he’s his best Andy, and that’s a rare trait.

Join me, Refugees, as I STAND WITH ANDY.


(Literally grew up in a town called Valley…) I live up on the hill now


How can someone announce he’s running and then also endorse another candidate?