Recommended Courses in Palm Beach County


Just relocated to West Palm Beach, FL from Chicago and the quality of courses has, to put it lightly, dropped. Managed to find a few good public ones around (The Dye Course at PGA Golf Club, Park Ridge, Palm Beach Par 3, and even Jacaranda West), and waiting for some summer pricing on others (Streamsong and the Biltmore in Miami).

Unfortunately, most courses down here are either private and/or typical terrible Florida courses (no width, no angles, mucho water). Does anyone have some “hidden gems” or under the radar tracks they recommend? I can get on some private courses, but public is preferred.



Welcome to South Florida! Let’s get you hooked up.

First stop: South Florida PGA Golfpass. $50, pays for itself in four rounds. Fun starts 5/1, but some courses jump the gun on those (discount) prices.

Next: If you’re going to drive an hour and a half up the road to St. Lucie / PGA Village, play the Ryder and the Wanamaker Courses, too.

Finally: If you liked Park Ridge, Osprey Point is even better. A little farther south and west, but they’re both on the PBC system. And for God’s sake, use some of that PTO and play in the Southeast Region One-Days ( Usually $55 from March to December and they play many of the GOOD private courses.

Bonus: Hit you one of Palm Beach Golf Center / PGA Tour / Edwin’s and grab the Tee Times each month. There’s plenty of adventure in there.

Anyway, that ought to get you started. See you out there!


I visit that area a lot. There was a course I played a lot when I was first starting to play as a kid (broke 80 for the first time there). It’s called Polo Trace but they sold it recently and it’ll be gone by summer I think. I went for old times sake in Nov and paid 45 bucks, flew around in a cart for 2 hours. I stand by the layout being very very good, but they are letting it go now. Worth a look before it’s gone.

Also, Winston Trails has a night range, and an avg Fla course. Also Abacoa a bit up north I know hosts some Minor League events so the greens are usually very good.


I’m right down the road from Polo Trace and yeah, it’s over. Damn shame. Same thing threatening to happen to Westchester, which is a great semi-pub track that’s automatic to most of Delray and Boynton down here. They’re on a ten-year clock as of about a couple years ago, and then one of the 3 nines gets paved over for houses.


I’m in Coral Springs/ work in Boca. Been here almost 2 years but just recently started golfing again.

I played osprey point on a TeeOff discount last weekend and it was a pretty good course.

Heron Bay in Parkland is trash. Carolina Club is decent and cheap. Deer creek is nice but overpriced for winter rates.

Thanks for suggestions above as well.


Any other suggestions a bit north of Palm Beach? I am going down next week to stay with my in-laws on Singer Island, will likely have time for 1 round. In previous years I have played North Palm Beach (fine, but a little pricey for what it is), Sand Hill Crane in Palm Beach Gardens, and the former President Club courses (apparently now being redeveloped as a private resort). I also played Ballen Isles a few years ago, but don’t think I will have access this time around.

Based on rec above, I may try Abacoa, $130 would be worth it to me if it is nice (plus proximity to Civil Society brewery!), but likely playing with my mother-in-law and don’t want to force her to pay a lot if it will be a slog. She is a pretty good player, so some small forced carries are ok.


If you have a chance, try the new West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault in downtown West Palm Beach. Pretty good house beers (Porter is the best) and a nice selection of guest taps. Good food too (get the pretzel).

As for golf, I’ve heard Abacoa is pretty good and if you’re willing to pay that price, I’d say its your best option.


Abacoa is $50 in the summer - I can’t imagine they’re all the way up to $130 in season.

If you’re OK with north north, like Stuart/Palm City, The Florida Club and The Champions Club at Summerfield are both solid, affordable tracks. I play those all the time on the way up to see my folks.


Born and raised here, love Palm Beach Par 3, Abacoa, Champions Club, North Palm Beach CC, most of the good stuff up in the north is private unfortunately


I have been looking to play the Par 3 for a while now, maybe can fit it in this trip. Given that rates go down after 2:30, is a 3 hour round realistic there?

Abacoa is $130 on a Saturday morning this time of year, but I am going to give it a shot, as it will be my only golf between Thanksgiving and Easter (if I am lucky).


I have never played a 3 hour round at PB par 3, 2.5 I think was the longest


Looks like I am playing Hammock Creek rather than Abacoa - it is about half as expensive, hopefully it is closer to 80% as fun.


Played Hammock Creek in early December. The holes that go back in the trees are fun, but some holes are also very forgetable. Course was soaked when I played it, so you should get much better conditions this time of year.