Recommend Podcast guests


thomas bjorn! great follow up to the fuyrk pod.


Recaps of stunt rounds with golfers. Cash in some on the free JT PR and get him to play vs. Soly using only a 7-iron or in a winter coat or blackout drunk or something. Recap on the pod. I’d be curious to see how it goes.


@Soly Any chance you could use your JT connection to get Wie on the podcast? She really does have an extremely fascinating career, and really based on nothing more than her social media seems like she would be a natural fit on a NLU pod.


stay tuned! Hopefully by the end of the month


Jon Rahm - would love to hear the banter for the upcoming Ryder Cup


Morgan Hoffman - would love to hear more behind his diagnosis with Muscular dystrophy and how that is effecting his golf game and life


Hoffman could be an interesting one, especially with Tron there after he said he was one player whose play doesn’t justify their clothing deal or something along those lines on an earlier podcast.

I don’t think he was really taking a shot but it was just a name he threw out


Now with the diagnosis maybe @Tron can give morgan hoffman a little credit guy is losing his pec muscles and is still competing on the PGA tour


Andrew Loupe’s caddie, Wayne (@golfbanzshawty)


Kisner’s caddie to strictly talk about his calf routine


When Hueber told his story about Kuchar mouthing something after holing a putt, why was it bleeped out? And what did he say?


I know he is kind of off the map, but dare I say Stevie?


Obama. He probably has great golf stories on a lot of people and a great heckler.


Especially with the speaking out he’s been doing as of late about equipment, would be highly relevant. Also it would give the killhouse another reason to go to Australia and do a Feherty style interview haha.


I know this is different type of guest but a great one would be Don Saladino

He is the owner of drive 495 in NYC which started out as a fitness golf gym and now he is in people training ryan reynolds

I know he works with Morgan Hoffman and a bunch of other PGA tour players on their fitness and could be a new way to ensure your body is 100% so you don’t lay up!


I’ve found that lady players in general seem to be way more talkative than the guys that appear on golf pods and far less reserved about things. Perhaps they are less restricted by their sponsor obligations than the big name guys?

at least as far as the sampling of lady pros I’ve heard on pods


Really enjoyed Danielle Kang. Will definitely be rooting for her going forward.


Louis Oosthuizen would be a great one. Conrad Shindler seems like he has plenty of personality. Chesson Hadley could be good if he opens up about his demons from the past.


Need a Barnrat interview like i need air.


Jean van de Velde… I know he’s explained himself, but getting that guy to take us exactly WTF was going through his head again (in a pretty chill, subdued podcast setting), would be comedic gold.


Go look through the old episodes of the Trap Draw. Van de velde is in there. It’s a very good pod. He’s an interesting dude and very likeable. Seems to be totally at peace with his meltdown.