Recommend Podcast guests


Getting Anthony Kim would legit break the internet.


McLay-Kidd was your best podcast imo. Mike Keiser would be an interesting guest. I find European Tour stories cool. How about Koepka’s brother or another US guy playing over there?


This might make me a bit of a cock, but I’d like to hear from some guys who didn’t make it. Dudes who grinded with some success on mini-tours and will be real honest about what it was like. Maybe a little bitter, with a little ego too - the type of guy who recognizes that he’s not Rory but is still pissed that JJ Henry is a millionaire and he never made 6 figures.

Key, as always, is honest with minimal safe fluff. It’s hard to know that in advance though. Like the Matt Every interview was awesome, I thought - because he gave legit answers that were honest, interesting, surprising, and specific. But who would’ve guessed Matt Every would be serving up that kind of real fire. Most interviews, most of the answers are bland, general, and any of us could write them before the guy even says anything.

NLU has a much better than average track record in making things interesting, but the interview game is a tough one. If it’s a bland, we’re better off just having Tron make fun of guys pants.


I’d love to hear you talk to Nick Dougherty from Sky Sports.


Some athletes/celebs that are big golf fans would be cool. Always cool to hear what their game is like, how they got in to it as well as they usually have some good stories about players they have got to play with etc.


Maybe unlikely but - on the golf investment end, would love to hear even a short podcast with someone from KPS - the firm that bought TaylorMade out of Adidas. What the deal guys looked at that they liked, why others shied away from it when they ran towards it, etc.


The Barn Rat please and thank you


Would love to hear from Tommy Fleetwood. I know that’s been mentioned, but going to second that suggestion.


I think he would be a tough get, but I would love to hear from Greg Norman in a long form format. Now that he’s not actively broadcasting, I think he would be outspoken and revealing, and I think the NLU guys come at interviews differently to get guys at ease and be more forthcoming.


Would love to hear a podcast with Matt Parziale. Can’t imagine what this year is like for him after winning the Mid-Am. This may be more in line for @thefriedegg podcast, but would love to hear it nonetheless. Pretty sure he is living the dream of most of us listeners.


Martin Kaymer, Alex Levy, Padraig Harrington would all be great…

Anyone who’se spent a few years on mini tours - Matt Wallace on the European Tour is an insteresting one - won 5 tournaments in a row on the Alps Tour in 16

Lee Mcoy on Trap Draw ? @Tron


He did The Howie Games - an Aussie sports podcast. If you’re mad keen to hear him.


If the dude that got tossed yesterday ever reaches out, lets get him and JT on the podcast at the same time and discuss.


I’m on board with Mr. Fleetwood as well.


Joe LaCava
Austin Johnson
Ben Crenshaw
Steph Currey
Fuzzy Zoeller
Luke List


Can we get a history of NLU podcasts? Wanna hear all about the idea for no Laying up and the individuals behind it, aswell and the background of Solly, Tron and the rest


Peter malnati

Only golfer to speak out politically


Would love to know if John Peterson is a misunderstood genius, or actually just a not very nice guy.

And I’m still holding out for a Poulter Ryder Cup Preview pod.


And Bryson goes without saying. Hearing DJ talk about Bryson/Phil was amazing.


Would Danielle Kang be crazy? Shipnuck had her on his pod and she was pretty entertaining.