Recommend Podcast guests


thought it was great. thanks


Any interest from Sergio?


I think Lexi Thompson would be great!


@Soly, I’d love for you to talk to Justin Ray from GD in a podcast. The stats he finds are always so interesting. Maybe I’m biased because I love math and stats, but I think it would be really cool to hear about how he comes up with the stats he does and the process of how he got to where he is in his career.


Jean Van de Velde
Ben Crenshaw
Fred Couples
Darren Clarke
Chubby Chandler
Anthony Kim
Paul Azinger
Kevin Na
Phil redux
Bones redux
Justin Leonard
Butch Harmon
Dave Stockton
Fred Ridley
Slugger White
Jay Monahan
Tom Watson
Lee Trevino
Jack Nicklaus
Ernie Els

Gosh I know skewed to an older demographic there but there is a fertile ground in the older generations and I love hearing from all the course architects as well


The podcasts that have entertained me the most were the players I thought would be boring as shit (Furyk, Kisner) or had never really heard of (Matt Every) but who lit it up - were engaging and natural (“the reverse Varner”).

The new content pillars and regular features are great (though I have no use for LFTCG as we don’t get a coverage gap in Australia…) I just hope they don’t come at the expense of quality & frequent podcasts.

In terms of recommended podcast guests, I’d have said Stewart Hagestad until I heard him on one of the other golf pods recently and he was so desperate not to say something controversial he also successfully avoided saying anything interesting.

Interviewing more architects from a non-archi nerd POV would be great. I wasn’t sure about the David Kidd pod having just listened to his one with @thefriedegg, but it was great because it came from a totally different place and was enlightening in different ways to Andy’s.

Tom Coyne was great with @djpie on the TGJ podcast recently and I reckon an NLU pod would also be interesting with the different NLU approach. Plus, he has a new book to spruik this northern summer, so getting him on should be easy!

Also, I will send beer money to the Killhouse if you can get Jason Day on and make him appear likeable. Life is far simpler when you can blindly cheer for any sportsman who completes under your national flag, and he’s been fucking with that for all 23 million of us for way too long now (basically from about five minutes after he won the ‘15 PGA).


Any of the top coaches.


Craig Connelly (Martin Kaymer’s caddie)
Mark Crossfield - would be good to get a coach’s take
Butch Harmon and/or Son
Paul McGinley - he’s always insightful on Sky Sports
Beemer/Wayne Riley - sure they’d have a few stories


This topic kind of faded but I just checked back in so I’ll reply anyway. Thinking about the most interesting golf writing I’ve read in the last few years, my suggestions would lean away from the players and caddies and more to those in tournament operations, broadcasting and the business side. Porath’s piece last year about how Nathan Grube is making The Travellers an in-demand tour stop was great. Sirak’s “The Fox and the Peacock” from 5 years ago was, and still is, the best piece of golf business writing I’ve read. And the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s (Gary D’Amato) series of how Erin Hills landed the US Open is maybe my favorite overall long-form article in the last few years.

So while I know some in your demo will find these snoozefests (I’m 36 and probably on the older end), here are some suggestions along those lines…

  1. Michael Belot, who holds/has held very important roles in Ryder Cups and PGA Championships, including 2012 Ryder Cup Chairman, 2020 Vice-Chairman, and 2015 PGA Championship Vice-Chairman.

  2. Similarly, Christian Trittabaugh (sp?) the greens super at Hazeltine who had a big hand in setting up the course and the club generally for the 2016 Ryder Cup. He’s also been a big part of increasing agronomy/greens superintendent visibility on social media.

  3. Thinking about the message board thread on the future of club golf, Jeffrey Morgan, the CEO of the Club Managers Association of America, maybe to discuss the future of club golf in America, the challenges club golf is facing, and how the ones who are surviving/thriving (excluding the top 100 clubs) are adapting, evolving, getting younger (?).

  4. I think the biggest rallying cry we share in common is that we all have a real problem with the amateurish way golf is covered in general. The lazy takes, the lazy press conference questions (talk about your round - ugh), the complete yes-man approach to covering the tour with zero critical/investigating journalism (DJ missed the 2012 Masters because of a jet ski, and the 2017 Masters because he fell down the stairs in the house he was renting - which, by the way, friends in the Augusta area tell me was a ranch style home). I bet Don Van Natta would be a good guest to discuss something like this? He’s the perfect crossover between a knowledgeable golf guy and a helluva investigative journalist…

  5. Golf investment - smart people are still investing in the golf industry but why? Who are they? What do they see that bucks the overall trend of declining traditional participation, course closures, etc? Would love to hear from a private equity shop with a dedicated golf-related investment portfolio.


Would listen on repeat to any of these.


Johnny Miller, for sure. The guy has great takes and isn’t afraid to share them, from the US Open broadcasts, today’s players, Tiger’s comeback, etc. Could even try to pull off an on-location pod at Oakmont.

And the kicker: he’s a Callaway guy, so Callaway should be able to pull some strings.


She’s something else…


Bob Rotella or one of the other sports psyc guys that works on tour. I think it would be interesting to dovetail a podcast with a video of the mental guru helping you guys play some holes.

Additional video idea would be having some of the architects walk you through how to play a hole. I’m envisioning an updated “playing lessons from the pros” series, but instead of teaching you how to hit a bunker shot, have them walk you through club selection and lines to take off the tee.


One thing I would like to see as a weekly podcast segment is the Ryder Cup team of the week. @KVV and @Soly even admitted this week that they’ve had everybody from Tiger to Maverick McNealy on the team at some point. I would love to have them name their 12 this week, and amend it every week based on how they’re feeling. It would be really interesting to chart how many guys really, truly are in the mix for those 12 spots.


@KVV has been bringing the heat. Him and Porath and how about the @TheMerchCzar


The issue with a few of those suggestions, threecap, is in the difference between publishing and broadcasting.

Soly can only do so much, the topic can only contribute so much, but ultimately if the guest isn’t entertaining, the podcast won’t be entertaining.

IMO that was a bit on show in the recent pod interview with the agent. He’s running a fledgling business in the golf industry, so of course his answers will be PC and safe.

The benefit a writer has is that they are the star of the piece, really, and their writing, plus the overall story being told can cover for a dull quote. If the quote is dull enough, you just paraphrase it in your own, far more interesting, words.

A podcast host (in an interview style pod like NLU generally is) doesn’t have that luxury, and so much more depends on the guest bringing it.

Ultimately, an interesting, entertaining, plainspeaking guest from anywhere in the golf sphere + Soly’s interviewing and willingness to ask the questions his listeners want to hear answers to (eg. asking DMK about the zero Doak gave The Castle Course) is a great recipe for success. And you’re far less likely to get that from people inside the golf business machine (tournaments, agents, manufacturers, ruling bodies, leading clubs) than from golfers, authors, journos etc who have fewer strings attached and less downside (and often some upside) to calling it how it is.


Alexander Levy! The European Patrick Reed!!


Gone back and listened to the two part Pod with Rory. Fleshes our your thoughts above @ScottW - great questions, honest and entertaining answers and Rory really brings it. Fantastic work by @Soly and @djpie too. Still can’t believe that Rory hasn’t earned the nickname Galileo…


We have a DJ sighting


Is DJ aloof enough to say some stuff that he probably shouldn’t? Or, is aloof enough that the whole thing is boring as hell?