Recommend Podcast guests


I doubt he’s doing any podcasts but would love to hear Dan Jenkins on, he’s one of my favorite golf writers ever and he’s great on twitter, I’ll bet he could give some great stories.


Faldo, Norman, Sergio.


I would love to here GD, he’s great on twitter and by all accounts is a great guy.


Annika Sorenstam
Michael Wann


This is definitely what I am interested in. I’m currently in law school. Awesome post. Also get on the podcast, please.


Mike Thomas would be interesting


Kyle Porter! Cmon guys!


In all seriousness, a Spencer Levin pod needs to happen and a Brandel Chamblee Trap Draw could be good.


I would like to hear
Harry Arnett
David Duval
Judy Rankin
Mike Keizer
Cheyenne Woods


Wouldn’t mind hearing some people who aren’t traditionally associated with the golf world, but can talk golf. My suggestion would be someone like Wayne Gretzky. Partially because I have to get his thoughts on Paulina getting his number tattooed on her crotch and need him to confirm his alleged comments about DJ being dumber than her. Care to come on and discuss, Wayne? Additional suggestion would be Charles Barkley.


After the broadcast on Sunday, this probably goes without saying, but Clint Eastwood needs to be on the podcast ASAP.


All of this. Here here.


Recorded a podcast with an agent today, which will go up overnight. Thanks to all for all of the feedback - will get to grinding on a lot of these other requests as well!


Really enjoyed the discussion - even more than I thought I would. Well done and thanks to BWol!


And not a single Jerry Maguire reference. I’m not sure whether I’m impressed or disgusted!


Jason Gore would be a good one. He has been at many different levels and has many experiences. Great dude too

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Great questions @Soly, I was hoping he would go a bit more in to detail on what the courting process looks like for a established player. He seemed like a pretty sharp guy. If the agent thing doesn’t work out, he has a career in politics. He made deflecting a question an art form.



Really, really enjoyed this. Thank you for taking the recommendation from the refugee crew and thanks to Ben Walter for joining.

Interesting points: got an “in” as a caddie (yeah!), hat sponsorship is like a hood ornament, Pebble is his favorite tour stop, differences between client manager and agent. All good stuff.


Really good pod @Soly