Recommend Podcast guests


Go listen to the Bones and Uihlein pods!!


Bring someone from the top 10 in the amateur world golf rankings on and talk about college golf, schedules, etc.


Following up on top 10 amateur- do a podcast/tournament video of the Sage Valley Junior Invitational?


Let me just say this, all of these recommendations I would listen to, but I hope it doesn’t mean there will be less Porath, KVV, or Bacon. I’m going to hope it just means more podcasts. :slight_smile:


Add Kyle Porter to that group too


For sure, my extreme bad for leaving Porter out.


Whoever is in charge of coming up with these new ideas we’ve seen on the Euro tour. Imagine a podcast just of you guys pitching crazy tournament ideas to them.


Steph Curry too (or at least some other big time athlete who is a big golf fan)


I’ve interviewed him myself, so I know first hand that John Cook is an interesting one. I barely even got to touch on Tiger, which would open up a ton more stuff.


You guys probably haven’t thought of this, but you should interview Tiger. Ok, I’ll hang up and listen.

For an agent podcast, I’d be interested to hear what the agent is doing with/for his guy behind the scenes in a tournament week, Monday-Sunday. I assume stuff like media and sponsorship obligations, coordinating hotels, travel, etc. Would be interested to hear from a caddy on this as well.

Also OutsideTheCut referenced Rickie as the Dictator, but I thought that was Roberto Castro. Speaking of GT guys, another one with Ollie would be good, it’s been a couple years since the last one.


I think a manager would give great insight into the more mundane/day to day activity of life on tour.

Anytime I hear “manager” for athletes that maybe aren’t at the “top-top level” I envision a Vince / E relationship á la Entourage. Which I think would be fascinating to hear.


Stewart Cink & Ken Green would both be interesting & funny interviews.

Would also like to hear from PGA Tour or USGA official (Mike Russel, Slugger White or Mike Davis) on how they go about conducting competitions (from venue choices, course set up & rules/logistics issues).

The superintendent suggestion above is also intriguing (from a high-end/exclusive perspective).


Would also be interested in hearing from top AM guys as well as collegiate athletes/teams.

I think there are a lot of great stories in the game that can be inspirational, eye opening etc.


Alex Noran. Intro him as a terrible player on a terrible Euro Ryder Team… :slight_smile:



Along the journeyman lines - KEN DUKE.

Was reading about how long it took him to even get to the tour. Amazing to stick with something that long. Seems like a fun guy too


Love the journeyman call on Ken Duke. Kevin Streelman also has quite a background story/odyssey before he got his first Tour card around age 29. Would also think those type of guys would be more “available” and would have some fun with a long-form interview.


Graham DeLaet needs to be on to discuss his most recent claimed UFO sighting. I would love to hear some other tour pros go into detail with their most woke take.


Would love to hear from the Sugarloaf Social Club guys. They are building a very engaged community and approach different aspects of the game from a lot of different angles.


Surely Masters Week is the perfect time to drop a Sergio podcast, co-hosted by @Sarson . And @HashtagChad must be able to make that happen!!


I’m cross-threading between here and the “Viability of American Country Club Model” post.

I would be very interested to hear from the super or manager of a well-run country club…perhaps of similar proposal as ZB has for The Buck Club? Might take some searching, but it sounds like they exist from the posts in the other forum. Nice course, adequate clubhouse, decent locker room, that’s about it…

…someplace that has a great business model…and how it could be duplicated in other areas. And, what they think it takes to sustain it. If nothing else, those guys/gals must have some entertaining stories.

Additionally, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get them on the pod…amazing marketing opportunity, basically for free.