Recommend Podcast guests


What a player wants to do and what his management want him to do are two different things. As frustrating as that process has been, I’d rather not say more than that in a public forum.


Totally understandable, you’ll land him eventually. He’s a match made in heaven for NLU. For what it’s worth he went on Pardon My Take awhile back, very odd fit and was an uncomfortable dual interview w/ Smylie, IMO.


Monty would be a fun one.


Padraig Harrington, the guys a nutter when it comes to the swing and techniques.


@Soly what about David Duval?


Jim Nantz or other broadcast team members


I definitely want someone to elaborate on Nantz’s comments on how it doesn’t visualize any shot. Not sure if I have ever heard any doing that.


Yes, will happen. Wanted to do it here in Florida but he actually just moved back to Colorado so it will have to be remote unfortunately.


Will second on interest in hearing an agent talk about sponsorships. Would love to hear how these sponsorships come about and some of the considerations from the player’s camp when choosing who to partner with. (How do guys like Phil and Fitzpatrick get in the HR software game?, etc.)

Also would be cool to hear some general background on these agents themselves.


There is a pod already with Bones ! @Soly should issue you a two shot penalty for this!


I accept the penalty. Thought about that after I posted … sad face.


I think Peter Uhlein’s story would be interesting. Also Senor Jimenez.


The Golf Podcast Gods will reward you for admitting your mistake :joy: there is also a Uihlein one if I’m not mistaken :joy::joy:


there’s two Uihlein ones!


Come on @JerryM !! Padraig Harrington for me would be the best podcast ever @Soly


@Soly I have not listened to every episode, so forgive me if this already happened, but I would love to hear any tour player discuss in depth the process of getting to the Tour. I am fascinated by the stories of the grind that it takes, and what routes an options are available to a gifted golfer. It is easy to watch today’s golf scene, and get the feeling that unless your setting course records in high school, you are a long shot for a golf career. But I would love to hear a different perspective.
There are late 30’s golfers grinding out on the What is their story?


Soly, some of these questions will depend on the agent (how many clients, part of a larger agency, etc)…

How does one become an agent on the PGA tour?
Does an agent perform manager duties or only broker financial arrangements?
Comparison between being a golf agent and other major sports - what’s different, what is the same.

Are you a golfer? If so, how does that help you? How many rounds do you play/year? <-- this opens a multitude of other question opportunities.

Sponsorship choices (as mentioned by @AKsArmy and @Sarah)

How often do you travel with the player for tournaments, etc?
Favorite place you’ve stayed/played with the player?
Do you have a favorite tournament? Why?

How do you think golf is evolving and changing for today’s players?
What is the most important marketing aspect of golf today? - i.e. social media engagement, personal brand, etc.

What is the biggest challenge in a player’s business dealings/interactions that most golf fans would not realize/understand?
What are some of the unique challenges dealing with a PGA Tour player? Are those challenges unique to golfers?

Rapid Fire:
A question from the media that makes you cringe.
You had to change one rule on the PGA Tour. It would be______
The player-signing you worked the hardest to land.
What do you fear the most from a player? A) social media blunder, B) live interview mistake, C) angry outburst on the course, D) Other ____


Not sure how everyone feels about him, but what about Darius Rucker?

Lots of topics available here. Agent (MGC Sports), SiriusXM show, friendly w/ tour pros, was @ 2016 Ryder Cup as VIP…


@soly Geoff Ogilvy would be a top class podcast guest also…


Sorry, I’m a new guy! LOL