Recommend Podcast guests


Mac O’Grady would be an incredible pull. A recluse, a genius, a visionary.


Is there any way to get the merch czar on more podcasts?


Fleetwood, Phil, Pat Perez, Sam Ryder (Go Hatters), and obviously @TheMerchCzar. Spicy takes in that group.


Ya I’d love to hear more from Merch Czar and Bug Randy


Also Blayne Barber. Solid guy.


Grayson Murray…if nothing else it would be extremely unpredictable.


Nathan Smith - the middle amateur’s Mid-Am. Give the people what they want!!


Or bubba and just roast his ass.


ones I’ve seen no one mention

Emiliano Grillo (good for the Callaway branding too), Sergio, DJ, Beef, Zach Johnson or players who don’t fit the brand, Lexi Thompson (mostly on the incident at the ANA last year)


oh & Slugger White/Johnny Miller


Played in a pro am with Boo in 2001. Great guy.


Spencer Levin
Edward Loar
Matt Kuchar


Guys! It’s gotta be the myth, the legend, Robert Allenby


A club builder from a tour truck
Cypress Point/Pine Valley/NGLA/Oakmont level superintendent
Rules official from tour event who gave Rhein Gibson a stroke penalty on 72nd hold for his caddies mistake leading to a thrown putter cover at said Caddie.


Let’s get some LPGA players.


LOVE this thread. Here’s a few comments.

Very interesting on the agency front. I’m going to try to put this into action in the near future, but first want to ask what it is you guys would be most interested in hearing about from an agent/manager?

LPGA - This is coming, I promise. It still may not be until around mid-summer, but it will happen this year, and more frequently going forward. This is an obvious gap in our coverage that time has restricted in the past, but we can no longer apply that excuse.

Phil - for sure working on it… just figuring out timing
Would love to do Poults
Caddies are harder than you might think - They’ll tell you tons of stories with the mics off, but with them on, they rarely want to take the shine away from their player. Like the idea of a journey man though, or someone not currently on a bag.

AK47 - Trust me, we’ve tried.

Reed - he’s agreed to it, just haven’t landed a time yet

Berger - no relationship with him at this point, and have asked his camp but did not get any sort of commitment.

Boo/Freddie recommendations are great ones.

Both Rahm and Stenson have agreed to it, but have been too busy any time I’ve tried it in person.

Hoping for a round 2 with Bones here in the next few months.

Rickie - we’ve tried very very hard. There’s zero interest from his camp to do it. It is very unlikely that this one will happen unfortunately.

Fleetwood has agreed to come on.

Kuchar we’ve requested and basically not received a response.

Sorry, can’t get to all of the recommendations (they’re all appreciated, and I’m for sure keeping an eye on this thread). Hope that adds some color to the conversation though. Keep 'em coming!


Sounds like an exciting year ahead with some of these guests then. Excellent stuff!

Maybe as an idea, you could try to get two guys on (One USA, one Europe) at the same time and in the build up to the Ryder Cup. Probably unlikely to be players who will be playing in France but maybe ex Ryder Cuppers or caddies etc. Could be a good bit of banter and differences in opinions


You think the Bubba talk is keeping Rickie away?


Love the transparency here Soly, a lot of good stuff in the pipeline. Any thoughts on why The Dictator wouldn’t come on? Shocks me he has no interest. NLU is right in his demo wheelhouse and he’s buddies with JT. Perplexing.


I thought an agent could provide interesting insight to the business side of golf. We see players as characters when really they’re more like corporations (I assume most of them quite literally are corporate entities…). It would be interesting to hear the tactics of sponsorship. Example: how they decide on which golf companies to partner with. How come some have sponsorships outside of golf and how that is decided (eg Brooks Koepka with Michelob, Rickie most everything, while a guy like DJ doesn’t seem to have any “lifestyle” type sponsorships). Getting Sponsor exemptions to tournaments would be interesting. Also scheduling issues would be too (I assume there’s some behind the scenes favouritism that goes into scheduling). Golf is just interesting because the players themselves are mini-business entities that do business all over the states and the world who earn income from multiple sources and employ multiple people in , presumably, different manners. I just assume there’s lots of behind the scene stuff we wouldn’t even guess at.