Recommend Podcast guests


300 replies and we haven’t covered everyone yet? Ok I’ll go:

Golf TV producer from CBS or NBC, let’s hear them defend the coverage and why they are stuck on the same model for covering golf for 20 years.

PGA tour representative who can discuss the future of the TV contract, someone should be pushing a 4K HDR stream of the coverage.

And as stated 50 times Anthony Kim



In the vein of the ‘spin us a yarn’ and best stories from working at a golf course threads, I would love to hear a show where local golfing legends (caddies to club champions) from across the country could call in to tell their most outlandish and/or legendary stories. Maybe more for TrapDraw.


Goes to show how critical subject/guest selection is, because I would almost certainly fucking hate this.


El Tucan


Good luck. Would be awesome.


Did we ever get the origins of the AK “the Match” video that was released? There’s got to be more to that.


I’d love to hear from more architects. I’d love to hear from Tillinghast, MacDonald, Raynor, and Ross. It’s strange that they don’t do more podcasts like Doak and Hanse.

I am happy to lend @Soly my time machine. As long as he returns it in a timely manor (pun intended).


We can probably put a line through one of those names after this weekend!


I have to think that they already had attempted a Kuchar pod, and hit a solid dead end.

If not, it was ignorant for Tron to go into attack mode and ruin a shot at potentially awesome podcast.


Gary Woodland – he’s playing some of the best golf out of anyone right now and would love to learn more on his background… I heard his freshmen year of college he played basketball at Kansas but transferred out to focus on golf.


Transferred TO Kansas to play golf. Played basketball at Washburn University (D-II) his freshman year. Gary wasn’t playing at Allen Fieldhouse.


Wonder if you guys could get Spieth to let loose on a podcast… or even better would be to get Greller.


Well he did play at Allen Fieldhouse, but it was with Washburn and against Kansas in a preseason exhibition game.


Haha touché.


Just got the no from Gary’s team last week. No reason provided.


After seeing the picture of Tron meeting the Cheesecake Factory head chef at the PGA Show it seems like a Fazio pod could be in order?



Give our guy a real, in depth interview.


Better have the scientific instruments ready if you are bringing the scientist into the lab.


I’ve tried!


How about talking to someone who sets up the pga tour on a week to week basis. Would be fascinating to hear about getting all the stuff brought in for building the stands, hospitality tents, food service, etc.