Recommend Podcast guests


Lisa Ann


You looking for a NLU/Brazzers crossover pod?


Stew Hagestad would be interesting. Who turns down a career in pro golf??!?! For some reason I feel like you guys may have had him on but google can’t find it so throwing it out there.


He was on one of the early Fried Egg podcasts. Seems like a cool guy. One of the few younger amateurs that does not bomb it 330.


I think he did Bacon’s pod as well. I know he doesn’t make money playing but mid-am champs usually end up with crazy access to courses and amateur tournaments. I think I’d much rather have that life than grind away on mini-tours for little pay and nonstop travel.


In theory I’d have said Hagestaad would be great to have on, but - perhaps understandably - he’s incredibly careful with his answers and as a result comes across very Diet Coke.

Listened to him on TFE & Bacon, I just don’t think the vibe would work for NLU.


Has anyone suggested Keith Pelley?


If he could actually say anything I strongly believe nothing could top what Jeff Knox would have to say.


Patrick. Boyd.


The guy from ththe “airmchair architect” thread #BCN


Peter Kessler.


Norman Xiong


Bryson’s caddie. So many questions…

Include Bryson’s parents. I want to know why he is the way he is.


Daniel Im.

He’s an American playing on the European and Challenge Tour for the last decade. Don’t know him, but 10 years on the European circuit should spawn some interesting stories.


The ghost of @clubproguy mental game / attitude coach. Another great taken too soon, but I think it would really help me fully understand the 7-4-11.


I wonder why Rickie would be unequivocally no as a future guest. Anyone have ideas of why he won’t come on?


They’ve indicated its Fowler’s team that is holding them up. I’d guess its just a super constraining PR team that has too many sponsors to appease. He’s an incredibly heavily marketed golfer with an image to keep perfectly manicured.


This is a sensible and reasonable explanation.

However, I choose to believe that Rickie is scared of being #exposed by @Randy .


Haha I was trying to stray away from a can Rickie finish debate, but obviously thats the main reason.


Anything Moe Norman related