Recommend Podcast guests


Agreed with the above…that guy has probably got some stories…


Not a guest, per se, but I’d love another Mailbag.


I think It would be cool to get some celebrities who golf on the pod. Mark Whalberg, Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, Bill Murray (Essentially anyone who plays in the AT&T Pro-Am would be good).


The blonde seeking Rory’s attention, in a “what are they up to?” series.


The ladies: LPGA/Symetra/LPGA Legends tours.


Perhaps a bit of a reach, I would be interested in Kevin Harvick Managements approach on sponsorship for the players they represent. In the link below he mentions sharing sponsors with his race teams. I’m sure it’s done through other agencies as well, the business end is intriguing.


Here is the link


TJ Vogel, 5 Monday qualifications and counting this year. Probably a cool back story.


Sam Torrance would be your greatest guest ever.




Not sure how many combos you could get, but it’d be cool to do a player + caddie pod. Would love to hear more about how they combine to put together game plans and I’m obviously all in on hearing whatever stories they’d be willing to share about each other.


Dan Patrick is a Callaway guy. Would be an interesting guest.