Recommend Podcast guests


Thanks for the heads up.


Pernilla Lindberg - I wanna hear all about that epic playoff


Shipnuck again. Spend the whole hour on his PReed piece. That thing is low key thicc.


I have no clue what “THICC” is. I googled it…what does that have to do with big butts?

I suck at being a millennial. I don’t know all the slang


Soooo…is P Reed still coming on the pod?


Yeah good question. Seems like it’d an interesting pod


Id love to hear like Scott Hamilton, Mark Anderson or another swing coach who could tell some stories and talk about how mental those guys get


Justine Reed, pay per view, take my money.


What about Golf youtubers? I haven’t seen them on any of the big time podcasts, despite the fact that they are expanding their audiences.


How’d everyone feel about Allison Lee and Bronte Law? I did enjoy it somewhat but the drinking talk got too much, and thats coming from someone who has a good time out way more than I should. They definitely came across very nice and likeable I guess I’m just more interested in hearing about life as an LPGA player and golf than college sorority stories. Glad the guys did try to steer towards some of that at least. Thought I’d offer a rare piece of constructive criticism!


I thought the same thing. They’re both really young so I get it. Alison Lee’s story of being a pro golfer and college student at the same time was interesting. @Soly did you have to edit out the part where Allison said something to the effect of the other girl coming home from a night out with something on her neck? Was it what I think it was?


Oh college. Hey my 10 year reunion is this year


I thought it was really funny! And made me miss being 22/23…


No editing there. It was exactly what you think it was.


Loved it. When I was 23, I only wanted to talk about getting hammered and going out too — I don’t hold it against them. They were a refreshing change of pace and very likeable. I’ll be rooting for them both on tour.

Also shout out to @soly and @tron for sitting back and letting the ladies control the vibe of the pod. I feel like most interviewers would try to stick to the script and ensure all their prepared questions were posed. By keeping it loose, this pod went in directions that were interesting and unexpected. And that’s the exact reason I listen to the NLU pod. Keep it up, gents.


I loved it. I wouldn’t want every pod to be like that, but I think Allison and Bronte chose to talk about the things they wanted to talk about in that moment. For any podcast I really just want the guest to reveal a little about their personality, and whether they do that discussing golf like DJ did, or not putting all the focus on golf like Allison and Bronte did, it doesn’t matter. One thing I will say definitively, as much as I enjoy the pods with the tour guys, the LPGA players clearly enjoy doing interviews with NLU much more.


with the Tour guys, I imagine some stern dude in a suit sitting in the corner shaking his head to things

with the girls, it sounds like someone’s ready to start pouring daiquiris


I liked it but like others said, I wouldn’t want that every time so it is good to get a mix of things. It is kind of like the “stars, they’re just like us” thing. They are professional golfers, but they are still 23 or however old and at that age my buddies and I were doing the same thing and still enjoyed retelling those stories.

It sounded to me like a couple of times Alison tries to get back on track and Bronte brought it back to the drinking and partying. maybe that isn’t true but sounded that way a little.

Part of it to me seems like how the LPGA differs from the PGA Tour. You watch the women and when their friends win they run out on the green with champagne or seem to think less about not doing something to upset a sponsor. The PGA tour guys may go shake hands or hug a friend, but more subdued for the most part.
Hell, the SB2K guys, while a lot of people enjoyed it there were a lot of people talking about it being a bad look for them and the tour. If they were to come on the pod talking just like Alison and Bronte were I feel like the response may be different.

I would definitely listen to more LPGA pods though. All of the ones from the KIA Classic have been worth listening to and insightful


Would be interesting to get Brooke Henderson or another LPGA player like that, similar age, that “seems” to take the professional golfer thing more seriously then these 2 do and if that comes with different results.

Hats off to the girls for living it up, I know I did, but would be interesting to see if their professional results improve as they mature. Brooke has obviously had more success but as far as I know didn’t attend college. Also with some of her comments I imagine she is a little more religious and less into partying.


Lee Knox, son of Jeff Knox. Would probably have some cool stories about his dad and ANGC. Also played at Alabama with JT, Dru Love, Tom Lovelady, Trey Mullinax, Cory Whitsett, and Bobby Wyatt and works for a golf management company on SSI.