Raspberry Falls Forever - June 3, Leesburg VA - Registration Closes THIS FRIDAY!


Come on out to a Gary Player Masterpiece™ in northern Virginia, for 18 holes of psychedelic, Scottish-inspired inland links golf! We’ve got a large block of tee times starting at 9:00AM on Saturday, June 3, and will also be reserving some tables at a nearby brewery for a casual hang/awards ceremony that afternoon. The registration fee is $130, and covers your tee time, cart, driving range, tee gifts, and some services from the course. We’ll also have some in-round challenges to raise money for Youth on Course, and potentially a few auctions, as well!

The format is going to be a quota game—with some other surprise challenges and prizes—and the top 5 finishers will qualify for the season-ending Cap GC Roost Championship.

Registration details to be posted later today—like this weekend’s Bulle Rock event, you must pay the registration fee to confirm your spot at the event. In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions!


I haven’t played up there in 3-4 years, I hope its improved since then can someone update how that place looks these days?

Played it a couple of times in the past year, and enjoyed it. It’s not the best course in the world, but it’s fun and doesn’t look like anything else in the area, really. Should be a good time.

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yeah I thought it was a really unique piece of property myself. The potential was always there, and they were doing a good bit of irrigation at the time. The pot bunker on I think #1? or 2 maybe is damn cool to mess around in too.

I have to remind myself what different worlds we live, as it costs more to play RF on a weekend then I pay in dues a month for 2 two courses down here. The cost to maintain that place has to be unreal up there.

Registration open now!

I will be sending payment instructions and details out in batches, so if you don’t receive it right away then please don’t worry! If you already have my venmo/paypal from a prior event, feel free to jump the gun a bit if you’re feeling motivated.

For folks asking about the course, here’ a bit of footage of it’s unique approach to inland Virginia golf design!


I love Raspberry Falls, definitely a unique course and would play there weekly if it wasn’t so pricey. They do a great job taking care of it, and over the winter they did a lot of work refreshing some of the holes, adding bunkers, cleaning it up a bit. There’s a ton of deep bunkers on the course. Haven’t played it since they switched to prime season rates, but will report back if I get a chance to make it out in the next few weeks.

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I leave for Sand Valley on Saturday and I am not doing logistics for this while I’m gone lmao

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How we looking for firming stuff up?

I’m at Sand Valley right now but y’all will get emails tomorrow with tee times

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Thanks. Enjoy. SV is awesome!