Rank the NLU Youtube Content

One of my friends recently got into the NLU video content and it got me thinking…

How would you rank the NLU Youtube for a new viewer? I am throwing out WWOG because of the length, and Crash Course because…well just because.

Here is list of the seasons (let me know if I am forgetting) and I’d like to hear everyone’s opinion on this. Are the strapped boys the best intro to NLU, or would TS Ireland have a new viewer coming back for more? Are there any episodes in particular that you would suggest?

Tourist Sauce
Australia & New Zealand

Southern California

If you had to pick one season to recommend which would it be?

  • TS - Australia & New Zealand
  • TS - Scotland
  • TS - California
  • TS - Ireland
  • TS - Carolinas
  • Strapped - Iowa
  • Strapped - Northeast
  • Strapped - Louisiana
  • Strapped - Reno
  • Strapped - Baltimore
  • Strapped - Southern California

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I’d probably just do it in the order it comes out.

As good as Strapped is, I think you’d at least want to watch Australia TS first to get a better idea of the personalities of all the guys. Or do all TS first then all Strapped. I probably wouldn’t start someone off with Strapped just because it seems a bit more niche, most golfers can get behind a golf travel series though


I’d just watch in the order everything came out for sure, but for me Tourist Sauce Scotland is the best golf content on Youtube bar none.


I’d have to rank Ireland over Scotland for the Neil factor


I love most of their content, but Strapped Baltimore really spoke to me. Maybe it was the @KVV cameos, or the soulful sounds of @djpie on the intro, but I friggin loved that season.

I also think it helped that I could relate to it really well. The courses they played in Baltimore could’ve easily been the stuff I play here in Philly. It felt like the most “Strapped” of any Strapped season.


It would depend on who I was recommending it to. I’d lean toward TS: Scotland as a catch-all, but Strapped: SoCal is a good option for someone more interested in the PGA Tour. TS: California or Carolinas works best for someone who lives down there or plays at Pinehurst regularly.

Yeah I liked watching the seasons as they came out, but “watch 10 seasons of NLU content in order” was met with less enthusiasm than I expected.

My personal rankings (no offense to anyone) is:

TS Ireland
TS Scotland
Strapped LA
Strapped Baltimore
TS Carolinas
Strapped IA
Strapped California
Strapped NE
TS Aus
Strapped Reno
TS California


Man I this is a good list but loved strapped Reno.


That’s true, Neil is great especially in that season. I think Scotland’s rich golf history still wins out though.

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You have a point, it really depends who you are introducing it to and what your goal is.

If you think they want to see cool golf courses/travel in a fun way. TS Scotland
If you want them to see the full NLU squad and possibly get hooked. TS Ireland
If they are muni level guy all the way through and rough around the edges. Any Strapped would do


I love Strapped the most but voted TS - Scotland because I think it’s the best introduction/overview to the NLU content (minus Neil of course).

Edit: although to a non-golfer, I would say Strapped because it’s more about the personalities along the way than being a golf-sicko.

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Strapped Iowa is the essence of NLU, in my opinion. The first season of strapped and embodies what I love about all NLU programming: off the beaten path, highlights profiles of normal everyday people, and hilarious (beverage cart girl).


For me I would recommend Strapped Baltimore or Strapped Northeast just because they are both somewhat local for me. Seeing courses near us would help draw people in. Strapped Baltimore made my wife a fan since she’s originally from Baltimore and we still visit there quite often. So she liked seeing places that she recognized.

Otherwise I would recommend TS Scotland. Early enough that you can still get to know the guys and the personalities, but new enough to benefit from the increase in everyone’s editing skills.


It’s funny you say this because my non-golfing wife loves Strapped, but is not really interested in the other videos. She’ll watch some of the others, but Strapped is “put the kids to bed early and be ready with a glass of wine for the premiere.”

I think the buy-in for the other videos is being a golf sicko while the buy-in for Strapped is around the personalities or cities (it’s more a personality/city driven series based around golf. You could equally have a Strapped but with amusement parks, state fairs, comedy clubs etc).

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Strapped is the best one-two combo since Bert and Ernie. You have comedy, (b)romance, drama, musical, underdog story all rolled into one by @djpie aka “the narc” . Strapped is about the love of the struggle that this game gives us all and the awesome people you meet along the way.

They could seriously make strapped the movie and it would be the first golf movie better than caddyshack.


I watch all three Strapped: SoCal with a stupid grin plastered on my face. Not sure if it’s from knowing the guys or if it’s just that good, or if someone new to the NLU universe would have the same reaction.

I’m a big fan of the interview / focus on randos in strapped (Iowa, Nola, Northeast) the newer ones with multi episode focus on local (kvv, Mike, max) just have a different feel

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