Rank em: PGA Tour events you care least about


Quicken Loans has turned into one of those events in recent years where I’m just like, meh, not that into it. Not a great field lately as Tiger and Rickie are the only consistent notable names who tee it up here, and I put more of my attention more into the French Open since they’ve tended to fall on the same week.

I ask this since there was a lot of talk from refugees about how the post-Masters hangover zapped a lot of us in terms of interest, so give me your Top 5 of PGA Tour events in the customary season that you care least about (everything between Kapalua and East Lake; the Fall Series events are a different breed of not paying attention to). Mine would be along these lines:

  1. Quicken Loans. See above.
  2. John Deere. Don’t care to see -30 finish in 2nd place, and I put all my focus into the Scottish Open.
  3. Byron Nelson. TPC Four Seasons bored the hell out of me in the past. Field is never that stellar. Trinity Forrest was cool it’s just the setup killed it.
  4. Valero. Awful field, peak of the post-Masters hangover, and playoff hockey is on.
  5. CareerBuilder. Another terrible field, hate the ultra-low scoring, and goes right up against the NFL’s Conference Championships on Sunday. I forget this event exists.


Honda Classic. PGA National isn’t good. Event has never excited me.


Basically anything in the month or two following the Masters, the hangover is real


Doug kick him off the tour.


This is hate speech.


Valero and the St Jude are two that I really care very little about. Of course St Jude is now gonna be a WGC thanks to big corporate so I’ll care a tad more now.


The Florida Swing stinks, but the weather where I live is even worse in February/March, so I end up watching them quite a bit. If I had to pick the events lowest on the totem pole, it’d probably be the Texas ones between the Masters and US Open. The fields aren’t great as guys are taking time off around then, I can get outside and play my own golf, and the NBA and NHL Playoffs tend to draw my eyes.


Hooooooooohhhhh boy @Tron


I’m wayyyy out on the Texas swing in the calendar. Trinity Forrest was an attempt to spice it up, but there are just so many better regions and courses to play golf in the US. We have to have 4-5 events in Texas every year? /unsubscribe


There are a couple dead spots in the season in this viewer’s opinion.

I don’t care for much of the West Coast swing to be honest. CareerBuilder, Farmers, Phoenix, Pebble, it’s all butt to me. Pebble would be great but the pro-am ruins it for me. Way too much is made about celebrities (f**k Bill Murray) and rich, white CEO’s. It’s disappointing, to be honest, because there are great tracks that would showcase the West Coast better. I don’t mind the Florida swing too much, maybe it’s the weather and it gets me ready for golf season.

The stretch between Masters and U.S. Open can be brutal too with Valero, Zurich, AT&T, Colonial, and St. Jude all stinking.

This current stretch between the U.S. Open and British Open is when guys should just go spend two months in Europe. Almost every Euro event from now until Firestone is better than the PGA option. I know everyone jokes about the Deere but we can all admit it’s actually trash. Anywhere Zach Johnson and Steve Stricker can consistently contend is trash.

Post PGA is great all through East Lake.

So to answer the question, I guess I have to pick a couple from the bad stretches.

Worst to 5th Worst

  • CareerBuilder
  • Valero
  • John Deere
  • Colonial
  • AT&T


The Texas Swing might stink.


I think it just might. Match Play in Austin is good but I’m biased so would like the opinion of others. Houston seems fine but everyone is getting pumped for the Masters so we probably are giving it a pass. I’ve been to Valero and it’s just as boring in person as it is on TV. Got yelled at by Keegan Bradley and his caddie and it made me laugh and hate that guy even more.


Minnesota and Detroit could add some life to boring weeks next season, at least I hope they do.


Absolutely need more Midwest tournaments. John Deere in Illinois, Memorial and WGC Bridgestone in Ohio. That’s it right? Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana…c’mon. Don’t need friggin’ 5 Texas events.


I have been to Colonial and its a top tour event. The rest might stink.

There needs to be a regular tour event in Chicago - that’s too good of a golf city not to host one.


It sucks that the best state in the country hosts some of the worst golf tournaments. The Valero & the tournament formerly known as the Shell both suck so bad.


I definitely think Valero is the worst event on the schedule. It’s so bad that I’m racking my brain right now trying to think if they’ve already played it this year or not. I mean, intellectually I know they play it in April, but you could flat out convince me that it was cancelled this year.


I’m prepared to die on this hill. The best regular Tour events from a competition point of view will have a winner around -10 or -12.


WGC Match Play. Partly because as others have mentioned, its another tournament in Texas, and also because the format is just terrible. Match play golf is amazing for team events, but for a 1 on 1 contest, its a snooze fest.


I like the match play format, Austin GC is a pretty good course for match play as well. I don’t like the pool format they went to as much though, but I do understand why they went to it.

Also, Austin is the best city in Texas and most deserving of a Tour stop. Keep Austin and Dallas on the schedule and remove the rest.