Raleigh, NC Golf recommendations


Will be traveling to Raleigh in mid March for a weekend trip. Wanted to get a round in but wanted some ideas on where to play?

Any suggestions helps!!

Would throw this up in the NC Roll Call

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In Raleigh, Lonnie Poole is the best public course, but it’s priced on the high side.

I’d recommend playing at Pine Hollow.

If heading towards Durham or Chapel Hill I’d recommend UNC Finley (also priced on the high side), Hillandale, or Umstead Pines.

I’ll second Lonnie, and Pine Hollow. I also enjoy River Ridge.

Thanks my man! Loved the cameo on Tourist Sauce last episode!

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Lonnie Poole is SO good. Every time I visit my brother in Durham we make sure to play it. So much character. Played Duke the day after I played Lonnie for the first time (and only got to play the front for Lonnie as they were doing work on the back!) and found Duke just ok. Somewhat boring. And also $80 so…

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I think Hillandale is my brother’s local course. Isn’t it kinda dumpy? I only played it in August though when everything is burned out and dirt so maybe not the best time to see it.

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Hillandale is a Muni with character. Greens are good and fast. Conditions are Muni like for sure.

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This has been my experience at Duke as well (have played it twice).

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River Ridge

Pine Hollow >>> River Ridge all day if you’re on that side of town

Lonnie Poole is good, but strictly a riding course. Wildwood Green in Cary is fairly good and walkable…a lot of OOB though due to being a housing estate. You could splurge and head for Tobacco Road, about an hour away.

I’ve walked Lonnie Poole and it’s doable. There are 3 holes where it’s a hike (1-2, 2-3, and 7-8).

Agree on Tobacco Road. It’s not that far. If TR is out of your price range but an hour drive is, I’d suggest Hyland or Southern Pines.


I’ll pile on the Pine Hallow recommendation the value is stellar and a great course to walk.

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Wildwood is in Raleigh. You thinking of Lochmere?

No, I meant Raleigh.

DB Dave

Walking Lonnie Poole is a helluva ordeal. There are a few several minute cart drives. Just walking from the back to forward tees is pretty serious.


I’ve walked Lonnie Pool, 3 long walks but nothing impossible. You can see the walks on Google Maps and figure out if you can handle it. At worst, it’s like walking a 21 hole course instead of 18.

My problem was hiking up the right side of 18 because I went right of right with a carry bag on my back.

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I walked Lonnie Poole 3 weeks ago, and other than the trek from 7-8 it wasn’t that bad. I did hitch a ride in a cart for that walk.

The back nine is very walkable.

It was CPO the day I walked, and I think I enjoyed my round more than the group I was playing with.

Not unusual at all for people to walk Lonnie Poole. I’ve certainly had tougher walks…