Radio Ga Ga podcast

Somebody once told me when you put on headphones you chose to be entertained or educated. The choice is yours. This podcast by @justine is the outlier where you get both.

I often/pretty much always get songs stuck in my head while playing golf. Here are the serial offenders:

  1. On a beach - Richard Ashcroft
  2. Help on the way -Grateful Dead
  3. Cold Wind -Arcade Fire
  4. A mix by Kool DJ Red Alert that I lost years ago, but is stuck in my head.
  5. Through the wire- Kanye

These are not my favorite songs. Not even close. They don’t crack the top 500 of my favorite songs (actually Cold Wind does), but…somehow…when I tee it up, they pop up. I just cannot explain it.

This podcast opened my eyes to a few pieces of information about how our brain works and why we remember certain songs more than others. And it is safe to listen to with kids in the car.

(TIL: Ke$ha is not pronounced KEYsha. And also that Twinkle Twinkle, Bah Bah Black Sheep and ABC are the same song.)


Been in my head for the last 4 golf tournaments. It’s soothing.


I getting emotional over here. That song reminds me of my dad.


Like, I get why Seger’s Main Street would pop up on Main Street in Smalltownville, Illinois. I get that. But what does Kool DJ Red Alert have to do with golf? Does he golf? He might golf…

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Well, for me its because I listen to the same songs on the way to the course every tourney. So naturally they are in my head for the next 4 hours. I am sure others here are normal humans and don’t do this, so it is a fascinating thing to ponder.


I recall Jack Nicklaus- a fine player in his own right- saying that he would listen to a waltz before playing golf because it helped his timing.

This is my tempo when I am at my best on the course.


Here we go, @djpie is over here using his burner account to promote his wife’s podcast. #nofreeads

I’ll have to check this out.

Also can’t say I have any real pattern or repetition of certain songs being stuck in my head. It’s always something heard recently.


I can tell you this will be stuck in my head for at least how long this sthread title keeps popping up


Ironically that’s been stuck in my head since hearing it at the grocery store tonight.

Don’t fall for the cheap Norwegian imitation Radio Gaga. Spaces and caps matter.


My daughter loves Queen. Like she’s a fan. When do I tell her Freddy Mercury is dead?

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Not sure, but when you do you should have that Radiohead song playing in the background.

Laz if you’re a Radiohead fan I highly recommend listening to this concert. I’m not even the biggest fan but I’ve probably listened this 30 times since it was released.

I’m probably due for a listen again.

Yeah, dude. Thank you. I have a radiohead tattoo from the Bends album- Street Spirit. Big fan.

Definitely had some dark days that music has helped me through, like so many of us.


Hmmmm, this is interesting. I’m not a music guy, grew up with parents who NEVER listened to music (1010 WINS the entire road trip… “you give us 10 minutes we give you the world”). Whenever I listen to music it’s background noise for me. Besides DMB and Billy Joel I know nothing.

With that said, I’ve recently found that listening to music on the golf course relaxes me and allows me to play great golf. Maybe bc it pulls my mind away from swing thoughts. I did it for the first time in Bandon back in June and had some of my best/most enjoyable rounds (maybe bc it’s Bandon and heaven on earth but whatever). As long as I remember my soundchuck I’m listening to music on the course these days. Just turn on Pandora and put on classic rock, 80s hair band, etc.

I know that doesn’t relate to what Laz was saying but IMO music has a huge part in golf and how you play. Whatever works to get you into a rhythm or a relaxed state.

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For as long as I can remember, my brain is always playing me a song. Sometimes it’s a song from an album I recently listened to, others it’s a song I haven’t heard in years or worse, a song I absolutely despise. The only way to get rid of it is to listen to the actual song.

I can’t explain it, other than I may be insane. Which is comforting.

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Me too.

At one point of the podcast, @justine says something like “even the most avid listeners get a song stuck in their head once every…”

And I’m thinking “every 5 minutes? Every hour?”

And she says “once a week.”


Now I know why little kids love Katy Perry and why the Bubble Guppies theme song is embedded in my psyche.

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Does it segue into Slipknot> Franklins Tower?

Don’t know if I’ve ever read this intro from Bob Boilen on the concert page:

When I think of the best concerts I’ve seen, I always flash back to Pink Floyd in early 1972. Almost two years before the band released what would become Dark Side of the Moon , Pink Floyd performed the entire suite of songs to the amazement of us all. We’d never heard any of the songs (then titled Eclipse: A Piece for Assorted Lunatics ), and with its quadrophonic sound, it remains the most massive musical surprise I’ve experienced.

Radiohead’s show at the Santa Barbara Bowl came as close for musicianship and creativity as any show I’ve seen in 37 years. I’ve seen a lot of shows.

These guys write great songs, and sometimes you can even sing along to them, but what they do better than any band is create a sonic adventure — a soundscape which, at its best, stretches time and allows the mind to wander and rejuvenate. I think of it as resetting the synapses. Creativity breeds creativity. When the music was over, I felt unboxed and changed and pretty darn happy. Drugs are overrated; music is underrated.


No. Just Help in the way and just the first 1:30.

It was also in my head when I went to have a few drinks last night. The night got loose fast.

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The intro is something else. Great build.