Question for the cooks here

Was going to make steak tacos for the game. London Broil marinaded in Lime juice, EVOO, Chipotle, jalapenos, cumin etc. The rest of the family decided that they were going out. So that leaves this piece of meat that has been marinading for about 18 hours. I pulled it from the marinade but wanted to cook it tomorrow night for dinner.

Questions: Will I be ok with it sitting in the fridge w/ out the marinade and cookable tomorrow? Should I cook it tonight to rare, let it rest, put back in the fridge and then foil it and cook it in the oven tomorrow @ 250? Any other tips or suggestions would be great!

Probably fine to do either. But I’d cook it sooner rather than later. Even out of the marinade the acidity from the lime (depending on much you used) is going to continue to break down the meat if you wait an additional day.

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Used a 1/4 a cup of lime juice

If you don’t cook it tonight, sit it in enough canola oil to where it’s completely covered. The oil will stop the citric acid from breaking down the meat too much.

What cut off meat is it? Top round? Many people think that London Broil is a type of cut, but rather it’s a way of cooking meat that is marinated first then grilled.

If it’s a cut such as top round or flank, then you will be more than fine to cook it tomorrow. That citric acid will definitely do a lot of work to tenderize by tomorrow. If that’s the case, then don’t submerge in oil. Leave it as is in a ziploc bag or wrapped in plastic wrap.

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If you’re going to still use it for something similar I would just cook it just short of your ideal temp (10 degrees less internal temp). Then just finish it in the pan with a quick flip on each side in some EVOO to get the final temp to that last bit the day you eat it. You can even slice it once it comes to rest to make the quick flip sear quicker when you eat it.

I worry the oven will dry it out if you pre-cook it.


I think if you just put it in the fridge until tomorrow it won’t be ruined or anything, but I like the idea of cooking to rare, slicing it, and then tomorrow bringing it to temp in a pan. You could bring in more flavors too as you baste the slices in the pan.

Yeah I’m going to guess it’s of the top round or flank variety.

Im pretty sure its top round. Its what goes on sale at the local supermarket from time to time. They just list it as london broil. If it helps, its about 1/2"-3/4" thick

Just let it sit in a ziploc bag or plastic wrap. You’ll be fine.

I appreciate all the input. Its in a plastic bag now. I’ll grill it up and try to get some pics up tomorrow


Let it sit out at room temp for about 90 minutes before you grill it. Meat that is closer to room temperature (instead of crazy cold) will be much more tender when cooked.




Cooked up that steak…meh. Lil tough to my liking. I think that the lime juice made it that way…
thanks again for all the input.

This may be a dumb question, considering I’ve been cooking stuff for a long time. If I buy raw meat that has a sell by date that is 5 days away do I still need to cook it within 2 days of being in my fridge? I always stick by the 2 day rule, but I’m not sure why. Other people do too but they don’t know either. Like is there something different about krogers refrigerators? Or does the process of taking it out of the store and having it at room temperature until I get it home negate that 5 day window?

No idea what the two day rule is.
You’re good until expiry.

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