Putting with the Flagstick In


This is copying from someone instagram thing with 2 separate pictures to demonstrate a very easy point. NLU, feel free to publish.



That was already discussed up above @sub150.


I see. Didn’t scroll up far enough. Still think my graphic is better :thinking:


I think I’ll be in the camp of, if I’m farther away and no one takes it out then so be it. If some one pulls the pin then so be it. I’ll really only want it in on about a 15 footer that I know is going to be scary quick, but even then I won’t tell someone to put it back in if it’s already out.


If someone in my foursome ever says “please put it back in” …
Ok who has the snarkyest comeback


My first birdie of 2019 was with the pin in. My buddy was out of the hole, I was 25 feet away and didn’t bother walking to the hole, surprised me to drain it from distance. No complaints.

Not all that strange for me anyway, since as I’ve mentioned before I play by myself plenty and often leave it in when I play alone, so it’s not an unusual look or anything.


My players (my college team) would ask other players to put the flagstick in all the time pre-2019, when chipping from off the green.


“Ironically, that’s also what your wife said to me last night.”




In looking at statistics for the PGA Tour, the flagstick could affect as many as 300-700 putts per year (and that’s excluding all putts inside of 10’).

Big Cat:

“I’ve been experimenting trying to hit putts downhill at home and see how that feels, and I didn’t find that I hit better putts. It just felt like I could hit it more aggressively, which I did. Then I started running it 8 or 9 feet by. It might be more advantageous when we get on faster greens, a little bit more slope, i.e. Augusta. Where you have that sense of security on a 3-footer, a 4-footer down the hill, you can just take a cut at it.”

He’s looking into it. (BTW, downhill putts, the ball is rolling slowly, even if it rolls 4’ by the hole. Oddly, the flagstick helps more with uphill putts.)


I hit “like” 22 times…


I refuse to putt with the pin in for the simple reason that it sounds infinitely better holing a putt with the pin out


Played twice this weekend and frequently putted with it in. Definitely sped up play and noticed no difference in my putting (not saying much considering a thread I started recently). Can tell you though that if one member of your group flat out refuses to put with it in and nobody else cares, it slows things way down… That was yesterday’s round in a nutshell.


How would it be any slower than a normal round? You’re still taking the pin out once per hole and putting it back in once. Unless someone is adamant about putting it back in each time.


I’ll paint the picture.

I’m 20 feet away and putt with the flag in, same for the next guy. Player three has to have it out apparently, so before lining up he walks up and removes the pin for himself then walks back to line up and putt. Instead of just being ready. I’m not the guy’s caddy so I’m not about to commit to memory his inability to putt with the flag in or pay attention to when he is up to putt. Happens over and over…

Sure, it’s only like and extra 15 seconds a hole, but it got annoying pretty quick. The round meant nothing and the guy was sniffing triple digits… Just putt with the flag in…


How far away are y’all leaving your putts that someone can’t grab the flag as they finish or mark? Why can’t this guy use his words and say “yo can you grab that flag for me while you’re finishing?”

He’s paying the same amount as you to play and if he wants the flag out, then what’s the issue, especially if its 15 seconds a hole. That’s an extra 5 min per round. You miss a couple lights on the way home and that’s the same amount of time. Why not everyone tee off at once if we’re worried about saving seconds?


Christ man… You’re missing the point. re: Leaving the pin in makes no damn difference to the putt you’re hitting. I lag mine up to a tap in and then walk away to the side of the green. I’m not counting seconds at all… I live in LA so everything is slow. It’s the optics of watching this 20 handicapper REQUIRE the pin out on every putt. So maybe “slow things down” is a figure of speech in this situation and not literal.


Similar to that same guy hunting for his wayward tee shot for 5 minutes nearly every hole. First couple holes I will come take a peek for you, but when it becomes obvious you’ll be spraying it in the brush all day and shooting 105 I’m no longer going to hunt for your refurbished Maxfli. See ya at the green, pal.


I’ve reached a verdict on this. Whatever is easiest is what I will do. I don’t really care about the fractions of strokes saved in particular circumstances I may or may not encounter over a round or weekend.

It may save the pros a stroke over a full tournament on average and a few over a full year, which matters in terms of $, qualifications, etc. But for me, it just doesn’t.

Leave it in, leave it out, I don’t care. But I won’t be asking someone else to pull it, replace it, etc before I putt.

Not meant to be a take or anything like one, just trying to keep it as simple as possible and get my 15 handicap inside 10 without wasting limited brain capacity on it.


Agreed with @Clarkebar here on this one. If I’m in a group that’s not my norm I’ll do whatever but my normal group of players or if I’m playing alone we have all decided to leave it in. Whatever makes the most sense, but I’m not going to be the guy walking to the pin to pull it. I don’t care if my putt is 6 inches away and the other guys are 30 feet, that fucker is staying in (during the winter) because there are some dudes who are sick or damn close to it touching it with their snotty, grubby paws and I’m not fucking with that.