Putting Tips - Send Help Please

Any tips to making more putts in the 10-15 foot range other than practicing from that range? I practice putting a couple of times a week, but just can’t seem to get puts to drop during rounds. Handicap is currently a 3.3 and I consistently walk away from rounds with 33+ putts per round.

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Read Rotella


This is potentially stupid, and i’m not a golf coach by any means, but I do consider myself to be a big feel player.

Make the stroke as simple as possible. My feel for both my full swing and putting is that my front shoulder doesn’t move at all. Obviously it does a little, but that thought allows me to feel like the stroke is built around 1 variable, and it makes it much more manageable for my dumb brain. It may not work for everyone, but it works for me.


pga tour players only make half of their 8-footers on average. have you tried hitting the ball closer to the hole?

(i suggest you read Mark Broadie or someone else, perhaps Lowest Score Wins (Erik Barzeski). i think your perspective on this is very skewed. freaking NO ONE “makes” putts from 10-15 feet with any regularity.)


Two things that have helped me in all aspects of my putting. (Disclaimer: not a coach, just a <5 handicap)

  1. Learn to LOVE putting.
  2. Work on improving your stroke/roll during practice, but once you get on the course your mindset has to be focused on holing putts. Thinking of stroke mid round just gets in your head and isn’t conducive to good putting.

Side note: check out potters putting on IG and possibly buy his teaching stuff. I got the lowest tier package that has some drills and mindset help and it was worth the money to me ($20 I believe).


Right here. Chip it close
Work on putts 8ft and in

Easier said than done, I suck at both of those things.

I had 43 putts with 8 three putts last time I played

Fer shure. @iacas and David Wedzik spoke about this on a recent podcast with Mark Immelman. I’d recommend giving it a listen.

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If you really want to gauge your putting, start writing down your “first putt” length. Don’t judge your makes. Start looking at real data.


I hear you and agree… but it would be nice to roll in 1 or so a round. Especially when playing greens that aren’t as difficult as what the pro’s play. Thanks for the reading recommendation!

Will do!

Feels aren’t real, sorry! Best of luck.

“The easiest way to improve your game is your short game. And the easiest way to improve your short game quickly is to leave yourself a shorter short game.”

Remember - the WORST putter on tour from 3 ft is still better (make-percentage) than the BEST putter on tour from 4 ft.

2019 - 3’ - WORST: Charley Hoffman (98.35%)
2019 - 4’ - BEST: Chesson Hadley (97.35%)


I think the other thing is, are the greens tour pros putt actually more difficult to putt? Sure they are fast and some areas have more slope, but they are typically extremely smooth and the holes are placed in area’s without much slope (2%).

Ball will have more opportunity to go off line on your average muni from 10ft-15ft than a tour stop

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Putting is hard, and pros are really bad at it. That is why a “hot putter” can win a tournament. A “hot driver” (pun intended)? That’s required just to be in the field.


Have you ever practiced using a putting mirror? My putting improved a ton once I learned how to align myself properly and consistently. I honestly practice putting alignment more than my actual stroke.

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You’re right, and I hate it.

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I have not!

Legit mind-blowing.


I have one of these - I just make sure my left eye is directly over the ball and stays there during the stroke. I’ll also lay down alignment rods for my feet to make sure I’m parallel.

When I putt during the round I always line my ball up to my target. From there I know I’m totally aligned (putter, eyes, feet) and all I need to worry about is pace (aka hole the dang putt).


Quoting your own comment from 4 minutes earlier as mind blowing? :joy: