Putting the "Tiger Effect" into Context


You’ll just have to believe me when I say I essentially ignored everything the writer “said” because I recognize he was making virtually the same claim as guys like Foley have. The difference is that he attempted to isolate a Woods effect in some manner. He did that by comparing the purse growth rate from '90-'96 to what it looked like once Tiger came on the scene and through his prime. That the growth rate basically tripled once Tiger came on the scene IS telling to me - considering the economy and golf were not in a bad place at all during those years leading up to Tiger’s arrival.

I firmly believe the decline (which I haven’t looked up the numbers but believe was probably pretty brief) in purses after 2008 was a direct result of the recession, not Tiger’s struggles.

I’d argue Tiger did bring golf to the mainstream far beyond what it had been (he basically made an entire race of people take interest in it that previously couldn’t have cared less), but making it cool to watch/follow golf and play golf are two very different things.


Just hypothetically speaking, what if “salaries” grew at that same rate during that isolated time frame in other major sports?


I’d go to grad school to justify doing actual research to figure it out.

PS - just throw it together quick; it’s what you’ve already done…just pull the numbers for those other years!


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In the era of Netflix, DVR, and cord cutting, companies are throwing more money at live sports now than ever. Tiger definitely provide a huge spike in the late 90s and early 2000s, but its hard to say whether purse sizes would be any different today if he had never came along.

Purse sizes and winner shares quadrupled in the 80s because of the changing landscape in the TV and cable business. No one gives credit to Tom Watson for that.


… I’ll be happy to give Tom some credit. And Lee … and Jack … hell, why not even Doug Sanders and Larry Nelson? Let’s spread the love!

Slight sarcasm aside, I’d love for more people (especially “younger” folks) to understand and appreciate those who laid the ground work for 24/7 golf coverage and massive endorsements. It’s not an empire built on the back of one Tiger, it’s a brotherhood and rich history.


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